Partner Up and Keep Your Members on Track Through the Holidays
Holding your clientele and members (sometimes even yourself) accountable to fitness goals throughout the Holiday season seems like an uphill battle every year. It seems like we are always trying to reinvent the wheel this time each year to keep our members and ourselves on track. Here’s an idea – encourage your members to pair up for a built-in accountability partner this season. Training with a partner on a regular basis is a great way to keep on track through the holidays and all year long. Once they pair up, here are a few training tools that twosomes can use for partner exercises.
Use MMA pads and shields as a great way to coach and be coached through the basic moves of boxing and kickboxing. If both parties are comfortable with the idea have them trade off upper and lower body strikes. This is a great way to integrate cardio conditioning into a normal weight lifting routine and not to mention a great stress reliever. If proper form is a concern, schedule the pair with a trainer to show the duo the proper techniques. It might even turn into a pair of clients!
Tubing and bands are ideal training tools for partners. You can entwine two tubes to make center point between two people to perform a variety of exercises including a chest press, a row, a bicep curl, and a tricep kickback just to name a few. The perfect accessory for this type of training is The Spider as it is designed with a partner exercises in mind.
Medicine Balls are great for slamming and tossing back and forth. You can add a level of balance training and difficulty by having one partner stand on a VersaDisc as they toss the ball back and forth. Another idea is to have one partner complete a medicine ball exercise while the other does a kettlebell exercise.

Sample Partner Workout

Here is a sample partner workout with a medicine ball/kettlebell rotation.
Each partner executes the exercise for 60 seconds. At the end of 1 minute, partners rest 20-30 seconds as they switch equipment. This circuit can be repeated 2-3 times.

Partner 1 - Medicine Ball (MB)

  • Seated MB Twist
  • MB Side-to-side Slams
  • MB Push-up (roll MB from L to R hands with each rep)
  • Walking Lunges (MB overhead)

Partner 2 - Kettlebell (KB)

  • KB Situp
  • KB Clean and Press (30 sec with left, 30 sec with right)
  • KB Swing
  • KB Front Squat with Overhead Press
Use these tools to empower your members to partner up and stay motivated from now until the New Year!

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