Team Power Systems Training Camp

Kickstart your day with an action-packed large group training session led by Power Systems Master Coach Bennie Wylie. A large scale group warm up, followed by a functinoal cardio and strength training circuit designed with the same programming, exercises, and movement sequences Coach Wylie uses to train his athletes. Show up, work hard, get coached, and HAVE FUN!

Instructor: Bennie Wylie with guest appearances by PJ Stalhl, Yancy Culp, and Julie Johnston

When: Thursday, March 22nd - 7:30am - 8:30am

Where: San Diego Convention Center - level 2 - Room 20D



Functional Space: Open Gym/WOD

Come and try out the latest Power Systems Functional Training tools and accessories in our open gym environment or try out the WOD programmed by Power Systems Master Coaches Yancy Culp and Julie Johnston. 

Instructors: Yancy Culp & Julie Johnston

When: Friday, March 23rd - 6:30am - 8:30am



Studio Space: Project Steel

The new form of steady-state training has arrived! PROJECT STEEL™is a workout that has reinvented steady state training into a functional and motivational workout that keeps participants engaged to get cardiovascular results without the monotony of one dimensional training. Featuring a dynamic warm up, strength training, bodyweight conditioning, and finishes with stretching and mobility. This is a non-intimidating class with unlimited exercise variations to keep your body challenged in new ways!

Instructor: PJ Stahl

When: Friday, March 23rd - 6:30am - 7:15am



Studio Space: The Axle Workout

The Axle is the barbell reinvented. Learn how to properly train midline core bracing with The Axle Barbell that lifts, rolls, and pulls (with your feet!). The Axle Workout is derived from a system that pairs Olympic Lifting with midline (rolling) core bracing. Ultralight, collapsible and capable of adding any load, The Axle incorporates a training system built around athletic performance that optimizes human movement. 

Instructor: Andrew Page

When: Friday, March 23rd - 7:30am - 8:15am