Meet Master Coach Julie Johnston

Our team of Master Coaches has grown in 2018! Just last month, we introduced Julie Johnston as a Master Coach. Julie will work along side the Power Systems team as well as Master Coaches Bennie Wylie, Yancy Culp, and PJ Stahl to bring you amazing content throughout the year. If you haven’t gotten a chance to get to know Julie yet, let us introduce you! Julie Johnston is the founder/owner of an outdoor boot camp that has transformed over the past 14 years into what has now become Camp Rhino in Las Vegas, NV. 

Julie (aka “Mother of Rhinos”) Johnston is passionate about changing lives through fitness and Camp Rhino. She has a TON of information and experiences that she can’t wait to share with fellow trainers and business owners who are looking to create or strengthen a fitness tribe of their own. Power Systems is honored to have Julie on the Master Coach Team and we are looking forward to all of the FUN fit business tips, training tips, and creative exercises and programming that she and Camp Rhino have to share. Keep an eye out throughout 2018 for more content from Julie and be sure to stop by our IHRSA booth (#2221) to welcome Julie to the Fit Fam!

Discover Julie's Training Facility: Camp Rhino

Camp Rhino Training Facilities are truly one-of-a-kind, offering everything FUN in fitness such as boot camps, personal training, CrossFit classes, 6 week transformation challenges (with excellent graduation rates), and impressive indoor obstacles that you might recognize such as the Spear Throw, Cargo Nets, Salmon Ladder, Warped Wall, Hercules Hoist, Multi-Rig, and much more! Camp Rhino isn’t just an indoor playground for grown ups – Julie and her staff of “trainers” and “ninjas” have created a true family of Rhinos that welcomes anyone and everyone looking to change their life through fitness and have fun doing it! 

However, getting Camp Rhino started was not a walk in the park for Julie. She struggled for 14 years to build her facility. Dealing with everything from difficult landlords to loans, marketing, membership retention and more. Ultimately, Julie discovered that she needed to step down as a coach, and step up as a gym owner if Camp Rhino was going to be successful. 

Today, Julie owns two Camp Rhino locations, with a third on the way. She works with 13 full time staff members. Keep an eye on the blog as Julie shares more about her experience as a gym owner and how to overcome the odds and be successful


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Julie's 5 Tips for Creating a Fitness Challenge

Julie started her 6 Week Challenge in 2015 after watching her members struggled to stay commited. Since then, Julie has continuted to run the Rhino 6 Week Challenge with great success! The Camp Rhino Team runs 25 challenges per year. Their most recent challege saw 24 out of 25 participants graduate from the challenge with 20 out of 24 becoming members of Camp Rhino. If you're looking to host a challenge or just looking for a way to build member retention, check out Julie's 5 Must-Do's for a group fitness challenge:

  1. Build Your Group
  2. Have Check Ins
  3. Create a Fun Fitness Test
  4. Encourage Group Bonding
  5. Make the Goal Accessible

Learn more about these 5 tips on the blog:


Workout With Julie at IHRSA

You'll have two opportunities to workout along side Julie during our Early Morning Workouts! Join Julie along with Master Coaches Bennie Wylie, PJ Stahl, and Yancy Culp for our Team Power Systems Training Camp. Sign up  here. Keep an eye on your inbox the week before IHRSA and hold on to your confirmation email, the first 25 to show their email at the workout get an exclusive gift!

Team Power Systems Training Camp

Thursday March 22nd, 7:30am - 8:30am

Location: San Diego Convention Center - level 2 - Room 20D

Your second opportunity is Friday! Come and try out the latest Power Systems Functional Training tools and accessories in our open gym environment or try out the WOD programmed by Power Systems Master Coaches Yancy Culp and Julie Johnston. Sign up  here. Keep an eye on your inbox the week before IHRSA and hold on to your confirmation email, the first 25 to show their email at the workout get an exclusive gift!

Instructors: Julie Johnston & Yancy Culp

When: Friday, March 23rd - 6:30am - 8:30am

Location: Power Systems Booth #2221

You can also find Julie in the Power Systems booth - #2221.





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