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Ignite Your Passion at IDEA World 2019 with Power Systems! Are you going to IDEA World in Anaheim, CA on June 26-30th? We can't wait to see you there! Visit us at our Booth #1333 and make plans to attend our sessions below. When you visit our booth, you will be the first to see our new products, our new storage, and our new facility design program! And be sure to check out the Vector, making it's product debut during the Mega Circuit.



INTRODUCING VECTOR: The first of it's kind dial-in resistance cable system - the KayeZen Vector.

The Vector provides a portable, lightweight strength training system that can offer 10 lbs. to 100 lbs. of resistance with a simple twist of a dial. Each Vector capsule holds 8 specialized resistance cables. Turn the dial to ONE and pick up resistance from 4 internal cables. Position TWO grabs 2 more additional cables for more resistance, and position THREE grabs all 8 internal resistance cables.

Visit us at Booth #1333 to try it for yourself!




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