Full Body Strength Training

Full Body Strength Training

Serious OCR competitors exhibit peak physical fitness. To really take your performance to the next level, make sure you are doing exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups and train your heart and lungs at the same time. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises are key to total body fitness. Our product kits, sample programming, and informative blog posts will work your whole body, no matter your fitness level.

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Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell

$7.65 - $159.79

Premium Kettlebell

$23.22 - $66.25 Sale
Premium Slam Ball

Premium Slam Ball

$23.84 - $43.28 Sale
Bumper Plate - Single

Bumper Plate

$48.32 - $96.66

Premium Kettlebell Prime

$37.39 - $106.69


$165.59 - $231.21
Pro Power Bar 1500 lb capacity

Pro Power Bar - 1500 lbs Capacity

$312.56 - $314.63

Premium Slam Ball Prime

$38.39 - $79.69
Assault Air Bike

Assault Air Bike


Assault Air Bike Wind Screen ONLY

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