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Free Weight Storage


Free Weights are generally described as any weighted item used in weightlifting or strength training that is not attached to another apparatus and can be raised and lowered with the hands and arms. Typical examples are dumbbells, barbells, fixed barbells, weight plates, sand bags, and kettlebells. Power Systems has a variety of storage solutions and racks that will fit either one specific free weight, like weight plate or dumbbell storage, or hold an assortment of mixed weights and products with various shelves and rails. 

Don't see what you are looking for? Talk to an Equipment Expert about how to choose the free weight storage for your needs.



  • Vertical Bumper Plate Storage
  • Horizontal Bumper Plate Storage
  • olympic plate rack
  • Olympic Bar Holder
  • Granite Dumbbell Rack
  • Granite Kettlebell Rack
  • Denali Storage Line
  • Pinnacle Storage Line