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DEKA is a premium functional fitness program from the creators of Spartan Race. 

Spartan Race is well known around the world for bringing outdoor obstacle course racing to all levels of athletes. The mission of the company is to positively impact 100 million lives through fitness by providing diverse programming and events for the masses. With this said, it makes sense that Spartan would step deeper into the fitness industry and launch an indoor decathlon and training programs for ALL levels and genres of fitness.

 We call it DEKA.

DEKA is built from functional and rudimentary movements that will 10X member motivation, individual performance and sense of community.

Spartan DEKA events consist of 10 functional fitness zones (aka DEKA Zones). DEKA STRONG is our test that includes completing all 10 zones with no running. DEKA MILE is each zone preceded by a 160m run. DEKA is each zone preceded by a 500m run.

The end goal of DEKA is to provide passionate gym/studio owners, fitness professionals, and their clients the tools to provide training with a purpose that creates community connection beyond what was thought possible.


  •  All levels of fitness
  •  Functional fitness enthusiasts (Bootcamp, HIIT, MetCon participants)
  •  Fitness professionals (trainers and gym operators)
  •  Elite athletes
  •  OCR athletes, Spartan, Tough Mudder, etc
  •  Runners
  •  Military, Police, Fire, EMS, First Responders
  •  Corporates (wellness programs)
  •  Universities, High Schools, Middle Schools

DEKA events are happening at facilities all over the U.S, and to get you ready to earn your DEKA MARK, we've compiled a product list to help you train for every zone!

Want to add a DEKA event at your facility? We have equipment kits and financing available.


  •  ZONE 1 - RAM Alt Reverse Lunge
  •  ZONE 2 - 500M Row
  •  ZONE 3 - 24" Box Jump / Step Overs
  •  ZONE 4 - Med Ball Sit Up
  •  ZONE 5 - 500M Ski Erg
  •  ZONE 6 - 100M Farmer's Carry
  •  ZONE 7 - 25 kcal Air Bike
  •  ZONE 8 - Dead/Slam Ball Shoulder Over
  •  ZONE 9 - 100M Tank Push/Pull
  •  ZONE 10 - RAM Burpees