Core Strength Training

Core Strength Training

Core strength is important in all facets of fitness, but in OCR a strong core will really pull you through a race. Every obstacle you face on a course will require well-trained core muscle groups. A strong core can also improve running mechanics, balance & coordination, prevent injury, and give you the ability to maintain a strong pace over great distances. We've put together product kits, sample programming and blog posts with tips to help you get your core stronger before your next race.

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Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell

$7.65 - $159.79

Premium Kettlebell

$23.22 - $66.25 Sale
Premium Slam Ball

Premium Slam Ball

$23.84 - $43.28 Sale

Premium Kettlebell Prime

$37.39 - $106.69


$165.59 - $231.21
MostFit Core Hammer

MostFit® Core Hammer

$189.02 - $199.02
XD™ Kevlar® Sand Disc with Grip

XD™ Kevlar® Sand Disc with Grip

$47.06 - $188.17

Premium Slam Ball Prime

$38.39 - $79.69

XD™ Kevlar® Medicine Ball 18"

$188.17 - $324.13
XD™ Kevlar® Sand Disc

XD™ Kevlar® Sand Disc

$31.61 - $151.81
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