STRENGTH TO GO THE DISTANCE - The mission at HiTrainer™ is to empower everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes, to realize their full potential. HiTrainer™ conditioning optimizes reaction time, speed and recovery to achieve the measurable, competitive advantage to finish strong. 

The HiTrainer™ PRO (coming soon) provides real-time performance feedback for coaches to identify imbalances and increase reaction times, speed, and recovery. For fitness and rehabilitation facilities, the HiTrainer™ ATP and ATP+ systems provide baseline fitness evaluations, interval training protocols, and a super-efficient 15-minute cardiovascular workout. 

The source of HiTrainer conditioning power is positioning the user in a full-time drive phase position in order to engage the maximum amount of core muscle mass. Combine the positioning with maximum effort sprint interval training on a self-propelled running surface and this creates a huge demand across the energy system - from the cardiovascular system to the mitochondria in the muscles. 

The on-board screen provides real-time performance feedback, compared with previous effort, motivating users to always give 100& best effort. 

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