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Erin & Lee Hanson started Guardian Sports in 2011 with one goal in mind – protecting athletes by developing superior sports equipment. Equipped with 20+ years of experience owning and operating a technology and material sciences company, we created the Guardian Cap. The purpose of the Cap is to reduce the force of impact upon collision experienced by football and lacrosse players, and to prove that soft-shell helmet technology is superior to that of a hard shell. This project stems from our passion for player safety, foundation in material sciences and the generally accepted physics behind impact reduction.

Our team continues to build the Guardian brand and recognition in the sporting goods industry. In addition to the Cap, we have re-engineered the lacrosse ball by developing The Pearl. It is the only lacrosse ball made in the USA and the first lacrosse ball that does not grease or harden over time. Guardian Sports has also created the first Bio-Based TPE Infill for synthetic turf fields. Engineered from corn and soy, the infill is designed to replace the recycled tire rubber found on most athletic fields with a long-lasting, cooler temperature producing, impact attenuating product. We do not always take products to market ourselves. Guardian has worked on a handful of other sporting goods projects, consulting with some top names in the industry.

At Guardian Sports we have a true passion for protecting athletes, and we aim to continually develop technologies that can enhance sports equipment. Our goal remains the same: advance technologies to bridge the gap between the products that athletes deserve/need and what is currently available on the market.

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