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Tubing and Bands Books and Videos

Improve Your Strength and Flexibility with Resistance Bands, Books and Videos
Resistance bands are a popular form of strength training because they are so versatile, compact and easy to use. From beginners to advanced, resistance bands offer variety and challenge at just the right level. For use at home, on the road or at the gym, Power Systems provides a range of light and heavy resistance bands along with resistance band workout videos to help your gym members, athletes, and sports enthusiasts get the most out of their strength training workouts.

What Kinds of Resistance Bands, Books and Videos are Available?
Resistance bands are made of coated rubber, and they usually have handles on the ends. Premium bands have an extra outer layer and padded handles for more comfortable use while working out. Power Systems offers the Strength Band Training and Total Body Tubing DVDs. The Strength Band Training DVD explains why training on unstable surfaces offers added fitness benefits to your strength training workouts. The Total Body Tubing DVD provides a total body workout using the Versa-Tube, Versa-Cuff, and Versa-8. For advanced exercisers, heavy resistance bands are available to provide a challenge to even the most elite athletes. Thera-Bands come in various thicknesses so that your clientele can customize their workout. They are also provided in rolls so they can be cut to the desired length. Finally, a Resistance Tube Training Poster is a great addition to any home or commercial gym and provides a variety of exercises including the starting and ending points and proper posture.

How Can My Clientele Use Resistance Bands and Work Out Videos Most Effectively?
Resistance bands and Power Systems’ workout videos can be used as a comprehensive workout in themselves, or they can be used to complement an existing fitness routine. Using resistance band training in addition to traditional weight training provides variety and an extra challenge to your muscles. The use of bands also offers a wider range of motion than most traditional weight machines are able to offer, which adds further benefits to the use of bands as part of an overall workout. The ease of use and storage of resistance bands means your clientele can have a set at home, a set at the gym, and they can take them while traveling. There’s no reason anyone has to miss a workout with resistance bands and workout videos from Power Systems.

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