Tests and Measurement

Tests and Measurement

Fitness testing and measurement are an integral part of any training program 
Power Systems offers a large variety of quality fitness testing equipment. We offer the products you need to measure athletic performance, body fat, heart rate, and/or over all physical fitness levels. Power Systems has several options for timers, speed traps, jump testing equipment, and flexibility testing. We also offer several fat and skinfold calipers, available using either the Jackson/Pollack formula or the Durnin formula. Browse through the fitness testing and measurement products below, and let us outfit you with all the testing equipment you need.

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Slim Guide


Gulick Tape Measure

Just Jump

Just Jump



Robic Oslo 1000 Timer Split Stopwatch

Oslo 1000-W


Detecto Eye-Level Beam Scale


Body Tape Measure

Robic Twelve Memory Chrono

Robic Twelve Memory Chrono

Brower TC Motion Start Timer

Brower TC Timing System


Lange Skinfold Caliper with case



Brower TC-Gate

Brower TC-Gate


Seiko Digital Metronome DM51




Wall-Mounted Vertec

$288.39 - $627.39

Saehan Skinfold Caliper with case


Portable AlignaBod


Long Jump Tester



Novel Products Acuflex (R) I

Acuflex I

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