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Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors

Check Your Intensity and Progress with Heart Rate Monitors from Power Systems
Using a heart rate monitor is an excellent way to assess your workout intensity as well as your progress in achieving your fitness goals. Particularly if you are new to exercise, heart rate monitors help ensure you are working out at the proper intensity each time you work out. This intensity is known as your personal heart rate zone. By working out within your personal heart rate zone, you will safely and quickly reach your fitness objectives. It’s also very motivating to get feedback from the heart rate monitor on your progress as you work out.

What Types of Heart Monitors are Available?
Heart rate monitors come in a variety of styles and devices. Heart rate monitor watches, for example, are as compact and easy to use as a real watch and are convenient to check while you work out. Power Systems offers Polar heart rate monitors, which are the industry standard in simple and accurate heart rate monitoring. The Polar FT4 heart rate monitor provides automatic heart rate zone targeting and an alarm when you are out of your zone. It tracks calories, session totals, training hours, and in-zone training. The Polar FT7 adds the “EnergyPointer”, which visually displays whether you are in your aerobic fitness or fat-burning zones.

How Do I Know Which Heart Rate Monitor to Choose?
If you or your clients are just starting out with exercise, a simple monitor will work just fine. For regular fitness classes at a gym or fitness center, there may be additional heart rate monitor features that would be appropriate. You can also consult a personal trainer or the helpful staff at Power Systems about the various heart rate monitor options, such as those from Polar. Heart rate monitors are one of the best ways to ensure you are working out at the proper intensity to safely and effectively reach your fitness goals. By determining your personal heart rate zone and using a heart rate monitor each time you work out, you will get immediate feedback on your progress as well as the ability to track your progress over time. Check out our selection of reliable and easy-to-use heart rate monitors for personal use.

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