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Testing and Timers

Testing and Timers

Improve Speed and Agility with Testing and Timers from Power Systems
Power Systems knows that speed and agility are among the most sought after skills in all athletic fields. Acceleration, explosiveness, stride length, frequency, and power are all important components of speed training. With the proper speed training techniques, testing and speed timer tools, anyone can improve speed and agility.

What Kinds of Testing and Timers Are Available?
A number of products are available, from speed trap timers to small, handheld timing devices, to complete agility training systems. Speed trap timers allow for accurate measurements of speed and agility by logging progress over time. The Brower Speed Trap Timer from Power Systems, for example, is an excellent device for accurate, short-distance timing. 
We also offer a range of other speed and agility equipment, including the Gymboss, which is a small, easy to use, repeating interval timer. It helps provide the discipline needed to progress and maximize anaerobic and cardio endurance, VO2max, muscle strength and fat loss. The Robic SC-877 Training Timer offers up to 180 Dual Memory Recall Capacity of the previous Lap and Cumulative Split readings, even while the stopwatch is running. The Brower TC Motion Start Timer offers a wireless handheld display that shows three lines of timing data on an LCD display, and additional sensors can be set up to record split times. It also has a “Count Mode” to record the number of contacts in 30. 45 or 60 seconds.

How Do I Incorporate Speed Training and Timers into My Fitness Facility?
As trainers, we can use speed timers as a way to auto-regulate sprint training. For example, instead of prescribing a specific number of sprints to your clients, your athletes can stop their own sets of sprints when they notice a drop in their speed. 
Because they are experienced, your athletes know they can increase their stride length, frequency, power, and acceleration by selecting the best speed training equipment available. Whether they are training for endurance or sprints, there are products available to enhance their performance. We suggest you survey your clientele as to their specific goals and objectives in terms of speed and agility, then browse our selection of speed testers and agility training equipment listed here to satisfy your clients’ speed training goals.