Suspension Training

Leverage Your Bodyweight Using Suspension Training in Functional Training
Suspension training is a training modality that originated with the Navy SEALs. Suspension trainers involve supporting the body by anchoring to a point above the exerciser’s head, and it uses a system of ropes or straps. Suspension systems, like TRX and Jungle Gym, leverage your own bodyweight and gravity to train for improved strength, balance, and core stability. Athletes can adjust their body position to increase or decrease resistance, making it a customizable workout for all fitness levels, from beginners to seniors to elite athletes.

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TRX Suspension Trainer Club Kit

TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer

Slastix Pro Exercise Tubing With Safety Sleeve

Slastix Pro Resistance Tube

$36.76 - $45.00
TRX X - Mount

TRX X-Mount

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Jungle Gym XT Strap Xtenders


Vector Carabiner


TRX Home Suspension Training Kit

TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit

TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit

TRX Extender

TRX Xtender

Chin-Up or Pull Up Bar

Chin-Up Bar

TRX System Professional (tm) Training System

TRX Door Anchor

Premium Pull Up Bar

Premium Pull Up Bar

$138.06 - $248.39
Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Adjustable Chin-Up Bar

Adjustable Chin-Up Bar


Spartan Buckets

$231.15 - $273.93

Vector 45

$222.00 - $300.00
Wood Training Rings

Wood Training Rings


Wooden Rings by Spartan


Vector Long Torso Strap


Vector Thigh Cinch Strap


Vector Door Anchor

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