Dumbbells and Dumbbell Sets Can Help You Develop Greater Muscular Strength
Dumbbells are one of the original muscular strength tools. They are thought to have originated as hand-held weights used in ancient Greece. In modern times, dumbbells have become quite the commonplace in both fitness centers and home gyms all over the world. Dumbbell sets include a range of dumbbell weights, to allow for specific muscle training and gradual strength progression.

What are the Benefits of Using Dumbbells?
Dumbbells are particularly useful for eliminating strength imbalances in the body. This is because you will not be able to use the dominant side to assist, if you can’t lift the weight on your weaker side. Dumbbells are compact and generally safer than machines because they can be more easily dropped if a lift goes poorly. Finally, with dumbbell sets you have the ability to use different dumbbell weights in each hand, which allows for a wide variety of combinations. Newcomers to using dumbbells may wish to arrange a session with a personal trainer to ensure proper form when using dumbbells. Machines have the advantage of more strictly ensuring safe form when lifting, but dumbbells, when used properly, are more natural and use more “real-life” muscle groups during use.

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