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Most Strength Training Equipment Is NOT Self-Explanatory
If you are in the business of running a commercial gym or a high school, college, or professional sports/exercise facility, you've probably been "in the business" and working out yourself long enough that you know how to use most pieces of strength training equipment. But try to remember back to the first time you stepped into a room containing a full set of barbells, dumbbells, and free weights, much less modern specialized exercise machines. Chances are you were left on your own to try to figure out how to use them. Sadly, in past years this situation was common, and often led not only to wasted energy and effort as the result of people using specialized equipment improperly, it also often led to injury, because people didn't know how to use the equipment safely.
These days most facilities have qualified instructors who help newbies learn the basics of how to use the strength training equipment they provide. But these instructors' time is limited, and clients who are serious about their workouts often need more information. Fortunately, Power Systems offers the books, charts, videos and other strength training materials they need.

What Types of Strength Training Books and Videos Do We Carry?
We try to provide a "one-stop shopping" experience for training specialists such as yourself, so if you can think of a book, chart, CD, or video explaining some aspect of strength training programs, we probably carry it. We have educational materials on strength training for women, strength training for runners, and even strength training as part of rehabilitation programs. We carry books and videos that teach how to use specialized strength training equipment such as exercise bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, free weights, and medicine balls.

Whatever Strength Training Program You Want to Learn About, We Have the "How To" Guides You Need
Whatever your level of fitness – inexperienced newbie or exercise professional with years of experience – there are still things to be learned about the art and science of strength training. At Power Systems we have the materials you and your clients need to learn these things.

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