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Choosing the Right Weight Lifting Bar Can Improve the Safety and Effectiveness of Your Training Routine 
When it comes to strength training, arguably the most central and crucial pieces of equipment in any gym or training facility are its free weights (also called "plates") and the weight lifting bars they are placed upon to create barbells. Just as the number of plates (and total weight) vary with the muscle group being exercised, the lifting bars used to support the weights vary as well. Weight lifting bars come in many types and sizes, but most of them are about 7 feet long, and have grooved or knurled patterns in the center of the bar to help you keep your grip. Some are straight bars used for traditional exercises like bench presses, deadlifts, and overhead presses, but lifting bars also come in shapes and sizes to facilitate more specialized exercises. At Power Systems, we have every type of lifting bar you could ever need. 

What are the Basic Types of Weight Lifting Bars? The most common type of lifting bar is the power bar or standard weight bar, a straight bar that can handle weights ranging from 600 pounds to well over 1,200 pounds if you use a competition model. At Power Systems we carry only the highest-quality power bars, along with flat and incline benches and vertical stands to support them. Variants of the power bar include the squat bar (with a knurled pattern or even a padded yoke at the center to give a better grip while performing squats) or the deadlift bar (which flexes more than a bench press bar to give you more speed off the floor during deadlifts).For competitive lifters, there are premium Olympic lifting bars. Other types include the trap bar (for deadlifts), the curl bar (which allows you to pronate your wrist during biceps curls), the swiss bar (for upper body exercises like pressing, rowing, or triceps extensions).No matter what you are looking for to create a state-of-the-art free weight / barbell area in your gym or professional training facility, we have it at Power Systems. We can also offer you advice on which types of lifting bars might be best for your facility, given your current range of clients or students.