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medicine balls

Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls Help You Develop Greater Muscular Strength and Power
Using a medicine ball is an ancient (and modern) way of improving your fitness, muscular strength and muscular power. Used since ancient times to train gladiators, medicine balls are weighted spheres that are proven to improve overall athletic ability. Medicine balls are usually just under 14 inches wide and weigh between 2 and 25 pounds. They can be thrown and caught, and are used in a range of poses and interchangeable routines designed to tone and strengthen every part of the body, including upper, lower, core and general muscle training.

What are the Benefits of Medicine Balls?
Traditional weight training has limitations because you must accelerate and decelerate the load. Medicine ball workouts are better at developing explosive power than regular weight training, because unlike typical weight machines, with a medicine ball you do not have to decelerate the load and power comes from releasing the load instead of decelerating it. The ball can also be thrown, which is much safer than trying to throw a dumbbell! Medicine ball sets are also very effective at progressively strengthening the core muscles.

How Do I Select a Safe and Effective Medicine Ball?
Power Systems has a range of medicine balls for sale in a variety of sizes and weights. You don’t want to select a ball that’s too heavy for you; rather you want a weight that challenges you but allows you to maintain control and proper form throughout the range of the movements. You may wish to ask a fitness professional at your gym or fitness center to help you try out different medicine ball sizes and a few different exercises, so you get a feel for which ball or medicine ball set is right for you. There are also the Great Medicine Ball Handbook and the Medicine Ball Power Training book, which offer a variety of medicine ball exercises and drills.Medicine balls are an excellent complement to traditional weight and strength training exercises. At Power Systems, we offer not only a range of medicine balls, but racks and storage trees, helpful books and even a coach’s kit. Once you’ve tried using a medicine ball, the benefits will have you wanting to keep using it for years to come.