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Stability Ball Storage

Organize Your Fitness Room or Gym with Stability Ball Storage Racks
Getting the most from your fitness equipment means having it available and organized when you need it. Stability ball storage racks allow you to take advantage of vertical space to keep an assortment of balls available where you can find what you are looking for at a glance. Stability balls have become increasingly popular fitness tools over the past few years as they have been proven beneficial for use in stability ball exercise routines, weight lifting, practicing yoga moves and many other types of physical exercise. As a result, there are various sizes and types of balls that may be used by people of specific sizes and weights or for the type of exercise they are doing. Stability ball storage racks allow you to keep a variety of stability balls displayed where each person can find what they are looking for each type of use.

What Types of Stability Ball Storage Racks are Available?
There are many types of stability ball storage racks available to accommodate an individual’s fitness room or for facilities where numerous people will be using them. The right type of rack will depend on the number and variety of balls you need to store, the space you have available, and whether you want to store them exclusively or with other types of equipment used for workouts. For example, a ball storage stacker might accommodate three balls in small, medium and large, one over top of the other so that the rack can be placed in the corner. A multi-purpose rack, on the other hand, could hold a single stability ball on it while providing shelf room below for resistance bands, floor mats and a variety of other equipment. The compact design and casters for rolling from place to place provides large-scale storage that takes up a small amount of space.

Which Stability Ball Storage Rack is Right for Me?
Two factors that determine the best rack for your needs are the number of stability balls you have to organize and the space you have to work with. You will save space overall by storing the balls vertically but you should also consider where they need to be placed to make them more convenient. If they are used in more than one room within your facility, you may benefit more from placing smaller stability ball storage racks in each room instead of having a large rack in a central location. The basic idea is to have them readily available when needed and out of the way when they are not. The variety of stability ball storage racks from provides storage and display solutions for all types and sizes of fitness facilities. The best choice in a rack or combination of racks is the one that will be most convenient for you to use and which accommodates your equipment within the available space.