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Racks and Storage Solutions

Increase Organization and Safety with Dumbbell Racks and Other Storage Solutions
As a class instructor, you already know how valuable your workout space is and how important it is to be able to find the equipment needed for each participant quickly. The racks and storage solutions from Power Systems includes the dumbbell racks and plate holders needed to keep weights out of the way while making them easily visible at the same time. A dumbbell rack that takes up minimum space makes access easier and also increases safety by keeping weights out of the floor.

What Choices are Available in Dumbbell Racks?
Whether you are looking for racks and storage solutions for your fitness room at home or your exercise class, Power Systems offers a number of quality dumbbell racks and free weight storage solutions that are strong and durable. Products include weight trees, lifting bar storage racks, Olympic plate racks and the Pro Maxima horizontal bumper plate rack to keep plates organized in the smallest possible space. If you need a dumbbell rack that is made for your weights, you can choose a dumbbell set with rack for a custom design. We also offer bar holders to keep your standard or Olympic style bar weights organized in a small vertical space. Our racks and storage solutions will help you create a more professional looking environment that encourages your students to implement the correct weights into their classes and fitness routines by making them readily accessible.

How a Strategically Placed Dumbbell Rack Can Improve Your Fitness Business
When it comes to choosing a fitness instructor or facility, every detail matters. The dumbbell racks and other storage solutions you choose are an important part of your overall professionalism. Having the right dumbbell set and storage system is one way that you can increase the satisfaction of your students and ensure they get what they want from their workout.
Power Systems has the dumbbell racks you need for a custom storage solution for all of your dumbbells and bar weights. Help your clients meet their goals by offering them the tools and access they need to workout at the level.