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Plyometric Equipment

Plyometric Equipment

Plyometrics Improves Your Strength, Reaction Time and Overall Performance

Plyometrics are a fun and effective alternative to a daily strength-training workout. Plyometrics refers to jumping, and in fact plyometrics used to be known as “jump training”. Power Systems is committed to helping you and your students develop the strength and power you seek through effective, safe plyometric training. Plyometric training can help improve performance in a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, or any sport that involves the use of explosive movements. Workouts involving plyometrics include jumps and hops, such as hops on one leg or jump squats. You might jump onto a plyo box or over an obstacle such as a cone during plyo training.

How Can I Customize the Plyometrics Resources at Power Systems?

Plyometrics training can help you run faster, jump higher, throw harder or lift more weight. The training can be customized to meet the needs of a variety of levels of exercisers and to achieve a range of fitness goals. You can also choose from more expensive, upper-end items for professional use at gyms, elite training facilities or physical therapy centers, to less expensive training accessories for home or student use. So, you’ll want to consider your goals and objectives, or those of your students or clients, before selecting from Power Systems’ extensive range of plyometrics boxes, tools, manuals and other fitness equipment. Whether your focus is on strength, power, or endurance, for beginners or professionals, we’ve got the plyometrics training resources you need to meet your goals.