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Jump Ropes

Use Jump Ropes  to Add Calorie Burning, Cardio Training and Fun to Your Workouts
Do you remember jumping rope in the 3rd grade? It was fun, wasn’t it? Well it is still fun as a grown up, and jump ropes from Power Systems can add a whole range of benefits to your current exercise routine. Make no mistake, using a jump rope is intense, and you probably won’t be able to do it non-stop for 10 minutes unless you are very well trained. However, jumping rope can be alternated with lower intensity activities, adding both variety and excellent physical training to your usual workout. You can also use special ropes from Power Systems, such as weighted jump ropes, speed ropes, double Dutch jump ropes and Chinese jump ropes for even more variety in your routine.

How Can I Safely Incorporate Jump Ropes Into My Routine?
One way to begin with jump ropes is to alternate jumping with marching. You will gradually improve your ability to jump steadily for longer periods. The key is to monitor your heart rate closely. As long as you are maintaining your heart rate in your target zone, you’re getting an excellent combined aerobic and strength workout.To prevent injury, be sure you use your jump rope properly. This means staying high on the toes, using your heels as shock absorbers. Interestingly, jumping rope has been shown to be lower impact on the joints than jogging when done properly. Beginners often jump higher than they need to, increasing their risk of injury (and exhaustion) – in fact you only need to jump about one inch or less off the floor.

What Kinds of Jump Ropes and Accessories Can I Find at Power Systems?
Beginning jumpers will find a range of beaded ropes, vinyl jump ropes and speed jump ropes at Power Systems. More experienced jumpers would prefer a speed rope. The book Jump Rope Training, by former US Wrestling champion Buddy Lee, is the world’s best selling guide to jumping rope, and it offers workouts for a range of skill and fitness components including endurance, strength, power, agility, and balance.The Airope is comprised of a rope-less set of handles that lets you use jump rope action to work out, but without the hindrance of an actual rope. Finally, Power Systems offers several wall-mounted racks that can be used for belts, tubing or jump ropes. Whether for home use or a large fitness center, jumping rope with ropes from Power Systems adds variety and effective training to any workout.