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Keeping Workout Mats in Good Condition with Mat Storage Devices
When you work with gym members or rehab patients, you want to make sure you have the best equipment on your hands. A big part of ensuring your gym equipment is at its best is to use proper storage. Workout mats are no exception to this rule. No matter the size of your gym or rehab facility, having a clear and effective method to store your gym mats when not in use helps to maintain their integrity and prevent injury. Gym mat storage devices provide a solution to poorly stored mats.

Why Use a Storage Device for Workout Mats?

Leaving workout mats on the floor between uses might seem like a simple solution, but when laid flat they pose a tripping hazard for anyone walking by. Rolling your mats and leaning them against the wall can cause the same problem, especially if they tip. Both of these methods of gym mat storage can look messy, which may give your clients a negative impression. Storage devices (such as a mat cart or a mat rack) keep your mats off the floor, keeping them neater, out of the way of passing feet, and safe from damage.

What's the Best Gym Mat Storage Strategy for Me?
Finding the best way to store your gym mats largely depends on how you use them. For some fitness professionals, a wall mounted mat rack or standing mat rack is ideal. These racks provide space to hang mats vertically, clearing up floor space and making cleaning easier. You'll find them in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find one that matches your needs. If you run a yoga studio or conduct a class in a gym where all mat-related activities take place in a single room, this type of mat may work well for you. However, if you need to move your mats from place to place, a rolling mat cart is a more appropriate choice. These sturdy carts have room for dozens of mats and can fit through standard doorways, so you have the opportunity to bring your mats with you from location to location.Keeping your workout mats in good shape helps them last longer and better serve your clients. Gym mat storage devices are a great tool in making sure your mats remain safe and well maintained.