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Kettlebell Books and Videos

Kettlebell Books and Videos

Training with Kettlebells: Books and Resources for Kettlebell Training
Kettlebells are a popular piece of equipment for building strength and endurance. However, not all gym-goers know the correct way to use this tool. offers a variety of kettlebell books and training resources to help your customers or clients make the most out of their time spent training. Equipping your facility with kettlebells and kettlebell training resources gives your users access to greater variety, allowing them to pursue their goals in the ways that best suit their needs.

Benefits of Training with Kettlebells
Kettlebells have a unique design: a weighted ball with a handle on top. This design allows fitness enthusiasts to engage in types of movements that are inaccessible when using a standard dumbbell. Being able to swing, pass, or even toss the weight leads to a total body workout that can target some areas of the body (such as the posterior chain) very effectively. By incorporating swings and other movements into the workout, kettlebell training builds both cardio and strength, allowing even busy gym-goers to improve in different realms of fitness. Training with kettlebells is enjoyable, and with the right guidance can be a safe and effective way to burn fat and build muscle.

Choosing Kettlebell Training Resources
Kettlebell books are a great way to get started in making the most out of your kettlebell sets. A book like Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting takes you through the basics of building strength with kettlebells, while Kettlebell Training helps you dig a little deeper into all of the things you can do with your kettlebells. A kettlebell training poster illustrates a dozen basic kettlebell exercises, allowing you or your clients to quickly and easily expand your kettlebell repertoire.

The Importance of Kettlebell Training Resources
Ensuring that you or your clients are using the right posture and form when engaging in kettlebell training is vital. Using incorrect form can easily lead to injury. Making sure you have kettlebell books and other training materials on hand reinforces the correct ways to carry out kettlebell workouts, keeping your clients and customers safer and helping them reach their goals that much more quickly.
Kettlebell books and videos are an effective tool for helping your clients and customers engage in a safe and effective workout. Look to to find the training tools you need to offer your clients the best experience possible.

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