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Jump Testers

Jump Testers

Use Vertical Jump Testers to Measure and Increase Vertical Jump
Athletes who are most often concerned with their vertical jump include basketball, volleyball and football but many athletes like to use a jump tester to measure the strength in their lower-body and determine if their workout is helping them reach their goal. Individuals, exercise groups and teams who practice plyometrics can use vertical jump test equipment to gauge the effectiveness of their workouts at building strength and flexibility in the muscles of their legs. If they have been unable to increase vertical jump, they know to alter their workout for better success.

How Do Jump Testers Measure an Increase in Vertical Jump?
Power Systems offers a variety of jump training equipment to measure either vertical jump or long jump capabilities. The wall-mounted vertical jump tester is a Power Systems product that quickly measures vertical jump and reach in ½” increments from 1” to 48”. It uses magnets to mark both reach and jump height. Use the board throughout vertical jump training to re-measure the jump height and compare with each corresponding measurement. See at a glance when you successfully increase vertical jump by ½”. The Wall-Mounted Vertec is another tool for measuring vertical jump that is made with an open design. This allows you to measure jumps from one or two feet and with dynamic approaches. This vertical jump tester is made with a reset pole that allows you to adjust the height of the vanes to measure vertical jump.

How Can a Vertical Jump Tester Help Me Increase Vertical Jump?
A vertical jump tester is used to measure improvement during jump training or to test jump height to determine position or capability for performing in a sport. When used during training, it will tell you when you increase vertical jump through a successful training program or when you need to try a different strategy. Power Systems offers the training and measurement equipment needed to provide better control over your training program.
There is a vertical jump tester that is right for your testing and measurement needs. Find out if your plyometrics training program is helping you increase vertical jump effectively.