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Flexibility & Recovery

Achieve Greater Flexibility with Stretching and Recovery Equipment
Stretching is a critical component of any fitness program, but it is often overlooked. People feel they have limited time to exercise, thus they do their cardio and perhaps some strength training, and then they leave the gym until the next time. In addition to a perception of a lack of time, many people don’t stretch because they don’t know how. They are either unfamiliar with the basic stretches or they don’t know how to use the ever-growing variety of stretching equipment that is available from Power, such as stretch bands and stretching machines. As a result, they leave out an aspect of fitness that is critically important to range of motion, injury reduction, and even overall good health.

Why is Stretching so Important to Overall Fitness?
Stretching is vital to any fitness program because it helps your muscles gently adapt to your fitness regimen. Stretching bands such as those from Power Systems can help increase your range of motion, which not only feels good but also helps your muscles resist injury. What’s more, many people don’t realize how important stretching is to being able to maintain your ability to do everyday tasks, even as you get older. These tasks include reaching high places, bending down to pick things up, and turning around to grab something – all without pain. Gentle stretching before exercise and more intensive stretching after exercise are both beneficial.