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Improving Agility through Training with Agility Cones
Training for sports or martial arts requires an emphasis on agility. Agility cones are a simple yet effective tool to help you or your clients reach the agility levels you want. Agility dots or cones provide a simple target around which you can create a variety of training exercises that promote speed, reaction time, and lower body dexterity. has the agility training equipment you need to help your clients and customers reach their goals.

What are Agility Cones?
Agility cones, agility dots, and field markers are all tools that athletes and trainers use to carry out speed-related drills. Athletes are encouraged to run around various configurations in different patterns, at different speeds, and with different postures. Agility drills can take place in small, inside spaces, or can be spread out to cover the length of a field. Different types of cones, rings, and dots are used to direct athletes through these drills. When done correctly, agility training builds strength, improves speed, creates better body awareness, and improves the athlete's ability to change direction.

Choosing the Right Agility Cones
Choosing the right speed training equipment for your client or facility depends on your needs. Bright orange agility cones are an agility training standard. They're very visible, which makes them a good choice for training that takes place over large areas. They do take up more space than other agility training tools, but collapsible cones are available to counteract this. Sets of short agility cones and agility domes also take up less space while still remaining visible. Meet other agility training goals by using cone hurdle sets. These cones feature poles for an athlete to jump over, adding a new dimension to their training. Cone hurdles are available at varying heights, and some models allow you to adjust the height of the pole. Agility rings put a twist on agility training: rather than running from cone to cone, athletes step from ring to ring, improving accuracy in foot placement. Finally, agility dots can be used to create drills that help athletes become faster and more precise in shifting from one foot to the other. 

Agility training is an important part of any athlete's conditioning. Having the right field markers, agility cones, agility rings, and other speed training equipment available allows athletes to get the most out of their training, which leads to optimal performance.