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Books and Videos

Books and Videos

Educate and Inform with Fitness Books and Videos from Power Systems
As much as we’d like to be there 24/7 for our fitness clientele, it’s not possible. It’s also important that our clients are able to continue their training and regular fitness routines without us present. That’s where the best fitness books and workout videos from Power Systems come into play. These workout dvds and fitness books can serve as excellent reminders of good technique and proper form, and can offer suggestions for new exercises that perhaps even you hadn’t thought of. In this way, we help our beginning, intermediate, and advanced members progress both in and out of a fitness facility.

What Kinds of Books and Videos Does Power Systems Offer?
Power Systems has a wide range of books and some of the best workout videos on the market. We also have books and videos to help fitness professionals much like aerobics instructors, such as Methods of Group Exercise Instruction, which helps instructors develop the core skills they need to create routines using proper cueing and teaching methods. For example, for beginning exercisers, we have DVDs such as Total Body Tubing, which offers a range of resistance band exercises to train the entire body. Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting offers exercises for beginner to advanced kettlebell users, including injury prevention strategies, biomechanics and competition rules. Explore Power Systems’ entire range of books and videos and select the ones that best fit the profile of your gym members, training clientele or rehabilitation patients.

How Do I Incorporate Books and Videos into My Fitness Facility?
Power Systems has a large collection of books and videos for the fitness and sports performance professional. Our library includes books and videos for all skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. If you have a large fitness facility, consider surveying your members as to which fitness videos and books they would like to have access to on-site. You can also order them in quantities to offer them for sale for home use. For smaller installations, simply select the workout videos and fitness books best suited to your clientele and let your staff know about their availability as well. 
Whether you're training clients or athletes, managing a fitness business or athletic facility, we have the information and teaching aids to guide you and your members to achieving their fitness goals.

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