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Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training

No-Fuss Bodyweight Training for Muscle and Strength Gains 
Many people feel that if they aren’t working out with heavy weightlifting equipment, they aren’t getting an effective workout. The truth is that you can see gains in mass and strength through bodyweight training—without using any free weights or machines at all. Whether you’re new to this type of exercise or want to teach others this amazing workout technique, Power Systems has the tools you need to get started with an effective bodyweight training program. 

Why is Bodyweight Training Effective? 
Bodyweight strength training is a simple, yet effective method to improve balance, flexibility and strength without added equipment or machines. You can get a full-body workout and become stronger with only the resistance produced by your body. A bodyweight workout allows you to perform various types of exercises without the aid of weights or machines. Many of the exercises you already do are bodyweight exercises. Push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups are just a few of the most popular many people already do as part of their routine. But there are many other ways to work out your body using only your body as resistance. There are Many Benefits to Bodyweight Training Over Traditional Workouts Obviously, bodyweight exercises do not need weights, so it can appeal to people who are not knowledgeable in fitness and don’t want to invest in workout equipment just yet. Although most bodyweight exercises don’t use equipment at all, there are some types of equipment that can be useful. Power Systems offers pull-up bars, mats, benches and other tools that can be used during bodyweight exercises. People of any age and fitness level can do bodyweight exercises because they can be tailored to suit varying skill levels and abilities. Intensity can be made harder or easier simply by increasing repetitions or varying the positioning of your body. Since your body is striving to hold a position, bodyweight training can improve your balance and flexibility much more than weight lifting alone. 

How to Start a Bodyweight Training Program 
Even if you don’t want to completely forego exercising with weights and other strength equipment, a bodyweight strength training program can be a great way to add variety to your routine and boost results. Adding squats, lunges and planks to your weightlifting program is a great place to start. You can also find informative ways to start bodyweight training as a group or individually with a fitness manual offered at Power Systems. At Power Systems, we know that there are many ways to get fit and stay strong—often without heavy machines and complex equipment. That is why we provide the tools you can use to give your bodyweight training program a boost.