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Body Fat Calipers

Body Fat Calipers

Measure Your Fat Loss Progress with Body Fat Calipers
Between the skin and muscle is a layer of subcutaneous fat. For many athletes, body fat measurement is an ideal method for monitoring their physical improvement over time. And for anyone who wants to lose weight, accurate body fat measurements are essential to beginning any weight loss program. These measurements can be charted over time to help monitor progress towards weight loss goals. A number of skinfold techniques are available for measuring body fat that are convenient and cost-effective. Body fat calipers from Power Systems are an accurate tool for measuring body fat percentages using the Jackson-Pollack formula, Durnin formula, or bioelectrical impedance analysis.

How Can I Use Power Systems Tools to Assess Fat Loss?
With calipers, you can measure the percentage of total body fat by taking skinfold measurements at selected points on the body with these calipers, and measure your progress over time. Calipers work by gently pulling subcutaneous fat away from the muscle. Body fat scales and body fat machines may be somewhat more accurate than calipers, but they are also more expensive and inconvenient. As long as the measurements are taken by the same person over time, you’ll get useful data you or your clientele can use as you strive to meet your physical fitness or weight loss objectives. Caliper measurements provide a reasonably good indication of body fat levels and can be converted into percentages, which can be altered by making changes in nutrition and training frequency or intensity.

What Are My Choices in Power Systems Calipers?
Power Systems offers several brands and types of calipers, including the economical Slim Guide, a basic caliper that measures body fat composition using the Durnin Formula. At the higher end are the Lange Calipers and Saehan Calipers, which provide spring-loaded measurements and consistent pressure over the operating range. The Skyndex Digital series of calipers feature digital readout displays and body fat calculators built in. Power Systems also offers the Omron handheld, digital body fat analyzer, which provides body fat percentage and BMI at the touch of a button.Power Systems range of body fat testers is sure to meet the needs of your gym, training center or commercial facility.