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Aerobic Bars and Fitness Steps

Aerobic Bars and Fitness Steps

Get More from Every Workout Class with Aerobic Bars & Fitness Steps
Step training offers a versatile exercise style that is appropriate for nearly any level of fitness. Adjusting the height of the step and the intensity at which the exercises are performed gives you the option to teach classes that include participants with a variety of fitness capabilities. Even the most challenging workouts may not deliver the degree of intensity that some athletes require. The weighted aerobic bars and group fitness steps from Power Systems are designed to make any workout more beneficial.

How to Use Weighted Aerobic Bars in Your Fitness Step Workout
Step aerobics is a fun and popular way to fit cardio into any fitness routine. Many people prefer “mixing it up” with a fitness step opposed to running. One reason is that running becomes repetitive fairly quickly while there is a varied number of workouts to perform in step aerobics class. As a class instructor, you know the importance of providing your class with versatile, safe step aerobics equipment that will make their workouts even more effective and enjoyable. The variety of aerobic bars & fitness steps from Power Systems includes everything you need to teach an invigorating aerobic step class that your students will love! Start by selecting the fitness step that is right for your needs. Whether you choose the Original Health Club fitness step, Freestyle Circuit step, or the High Step, you have the flexibility to adjust the height to accommodate a wide range of needs. There is also the Stackable Step that is available in 4” or 6” heights that are ideal for exercise facilities with smaller storage space.

How Do the Aerobic Bars Enhance Fitness Step Workouts?
VersaBar aerobic bars are made by Power Systems to use in a classroom setting for core strength or functional training and with fitness steps for cardio workouts. The convenient design allows you to move through your classes without having to stop and load or unload plates. Incorporating aerobic bars into your step aerobics classes will increase resistance
and intensity. The bar turns exercise that is primarily for the lower body into a total bodyfitness routine. Choose from a variety of weights and keep all of the bars in one of our convenient storage racks near the fitness steps to encourage class members to incorporate them into their step workout.