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Reebok Elite Yoga Mat Sale

Reebok Elite Yoga Mat

Investing in a quality yoga mat is making a commitment to your practice; investing in a quality yoga mat of eco-friendly construction is a commitment to the environment. The 5mm thick premium Reebok Elite Yoga mat is both a practical and stylish option to support you in all Yoga poses with great…

$30.64 $65.19
1 Review

Premium Yoga Sticky Mats Ocean Blue - 1/8" thick

A premium yoga sticky mat from Power Systems is one of the best yoga mats on the market for firm, cushioned support.

$24.13 - $31.80
2 Reviews
AIREX® Yoga Pilates Mats Sale

AIREX® Yoga Pilates Mats

Achieve perfect form with the comfort and durability of an AIREX Pilates Yoga Mat from Power Systems.

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$71.24 $74.99

Reebok Yoga Mat

The Reebok Yoga mat is designed to be durable and long lasting without compromising comfort. Formed from a single piece of 0.6in thick foam to maintain an even consistency when compressed, the Yoga Mat is ideal for class settings, and being 173cm (5' 6”) in length, the mat provides a large platform…

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1 Review

Manduka Enlight Rectangular Yoga Bolster

The enlight lean bolster is a lightweight, classic, rounded bolster featuring a resilient, long lasting fiber-fill to create a firm cushion that provides superior support. Features: * 1 lb; 29" x 7" x 3.25" * Soft, plush, absorbent eQua micro-fiber fabric cover keeps you dry and comfortable. *…