Weighted Vest

Infinity Vest

An Infinity weighted workout vest adds resistance to your various fitness activities without hindering movement.

$64.39 - $75.69
5 Reviews

Versa Fit Vest

Try the VersaFit Vest - your best choice in weighted clothing created by Power Systems.

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$82.99 - $134.39


The Uni-Vest uses distributed weight for comfort and function.

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$138.99 - $234.99

Premium Ankle Weights

Increase resistance with ankle weights for a challenging and productive workout

$31.39 - $64.39
1 Review

Versa Fit Belt 10 lbs

Increase your strength and cardiovascular endurance with VersaFit Belt. Choose 10 or 20 lb weighted belt. Has easily removable weights. Fits 30 - 46 " waist

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$45.69 - $56.99

Uni-Vest/ Shoe Iron Additional Weights - 10 weights at .5 lbs each

Order Uni-Vest additional weights to intensify your workout with the Uni Vest!

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Sport Series - Athletic Trainer

…Bar – Ideal for multi-athlete and circuit training, featuring an integrated Sled Bar * Dual Training System – Dual resistance shifters control weighted and magnetic flywheels * Fixed Incline – Incline is fixed at 7 or 11 degrees for intense uphill workouts Warranty: * 10 Years Frame * 3 Years Parts…

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Speed Vest

A breathable, weighted training vest designed especially for running, jumping, and other forms of intense training.

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Rage Cage

Rage Cage cross-training rig by Pro Maxima.

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Power Training Rope 1.5" 40 '

…Rope anchors and hanger available. Also available in 2 inch diameter for increased resistance. White. Features: * 1.5 inch diameter * Choose from 30', 40', or 50' lengths * Rope weight varies according to diameter and length * Helps develop power, grip strength and stamina * Rubber grips * White

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$74.99 - $86.99

Core Flyte™

The next generation of ball stability training, Core Flytes activate the core and engage more muscles for a full-body workout. Core Flytes use three omni-directional balls that move under a stable base to add a stability component to any exercise. Unlike any gliding or sliding product, users must…

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Sissy Squat

Your legs won't call this a Sissy Squat. Using body weight only, this product carries big impact for a small footprint. Features an adjustable calf pad with chrome plated adjustment surfaces to accommodate different tibia lengths. The frame is all welded from three-inch square tubing, and the…

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The Ultimate Sandbag

Adding sandbags to your standard workout equipment will help an athlete develop greater muscle strength and motor control.

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$104.69 - $178.69

XD™ Kevlar® Sandbag

…construction helps prevent weight from shifts and helps the bag maintain its shape. Part of the XD Kevlar line of products. Features: * Embroidered weight identification won't fade or peel * Five reinforced, strategically placed hand grips add versatility * Ten weights, from 10 to 60 lbs. * Durable…

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$152.39 - $202.99

Body Bar

The Body Bar from Power Systems is the perfect solid steel, weighted fitness bar for all of your group aerobics classes or home use.

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$30.99 - $104.99