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Weighted Vest

VersaFit Vest

Try the VersaFit Vest - your best choice in weighted clothing created by Power Systems.

$95.59 - $154.81

Infinity Vest

An Infinity weighted workout vest adds resistance to your various fitness activities without hindering movement.

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…Resistance simulate pushing up to 450lbs * HIIT Mode Setting allows users to chose from multiple training protocols * Plate loading ability up to 80 additional pounds * Extended Warranty Maximum Space Required: L 92? x W 36? Training Surface: L 53? x W 21? Unit Weight: 500 lbs Warranty: Extended

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Sport Series - Athletic Trainer Treadmill

…Bar – Ideal for multi-athlete and circuit training, featuring an integrated Sled Bar * Dual Training System – Dual resistance shifters control weighted and magnetic flywheels * Fixed Incline – Incline is fixed at 7 or 11 degrees for intense uphill workouts Warranty: * 10 Years Frame * 3 Years Parts…

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Dolphin Wireless Stopwatch Timing System

…2.4GHz 16 channels, spread spectrum * Watch dimensions: 6.06”L x 2.69 “W x 1.06”D * RoHS compliant * Battery: standard 9V: ~40 operating hours * Weight: 6.9 oz * U.S. Patent Nos: 7,821,876 and 8,085,623 * Made in the USA The Dolphin Timing System features THREE modes of operation: * Electronic…

PowerWave™ Sale


…PowerWave is also available in Class Packs for facilities, and racks are available. PowerWave Features: * Weight options available for any fitness level - Super, Spartan and Beast * Weighted keystone engages core muscles * Double stitched, removable straps and handles allow for hundreds of exercise…

$139.10 - $194.22 $173.87 - $242.77
3 Reviews

Power Systems Power Wheel

NEW DESIGN! The Power Wheel is designed to boost your upper body power as well as develop a firm and stable core. The Power Wheel moves in any direction to work your whole core and utilize range of motion. Comfortable, durable PVC hand grips and sturdy plastic foot stirrups with adjustable nylon…

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Power Systems Hand Weights

…iron weights are covered in comfortable, durable, textured neoprene – one of the toughest coverings on the market! The texture slightly grippy, which keeps our hand weights safely in even the sweatiest hands and is easy to wipe down after workouts. The small size and easy fit make the hand weights

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Pro Abdominator

Exercise your core with Pro Abdominator! This black pair of padded arm straps is an extra wide 8" for added comfort during your hanging abdominal workout.

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BOSU® Elite by WeckMethod™

Introducing the BOSU Elite, a specially-designed version of the BOSU Balance Trainer that helps improve athletic speed, power, body mechanics and balance, and works with new, WeckMethod programming.

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The Ultimate Sandbag

Adding sandbags to your standard workout equipment will help an athlete develop greater muscle strength and motor control.

$99.95 - $129.95

VersaFit Sand Log

VersaFit Sand Log - This versatile training tool is great for indoor or outdoor use, functional and rotational movements, Olympic Lifts, or plyometrics. 10-50lbs

$89.03 - $133.55
2 Reviews

Omron Scale

…fitness indicators including body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, visceral fat, body age and body weight. This OMRON body composition monitor can be used by adults up to 330 pounds and 6.5 feet tall. It stores up to 180 days of data to track your…

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TRX Rip Group Training Station

The Rip Group Training allows you to attract and retain members with Rip Training group programs in your facility. It's made of high-grade steel and accommodates up to 10 users, indoors or outdoors.


TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer

Turn your facility or training business into a powerhouse with the TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer

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