Weighted Vest

Versa Fit Vest

Try the VersaFit Vest - your best choice in weighted clothing created by Power Systems.

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$82.99 - $134.39


The Uni-Vest uses distributed weight for comfort and function.

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$138.99 - $234.99

Infinity Vest

An Infinity weighted workout vest adds resistance to your various fitness activities without hindering movement.

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$64.39 - $75.69
6 Reviews

Rage Cage

Rage Cage cross-training rig by Pro Maxima.

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Premium Power-Plyo Box 12"

Condition your body by performing dynamic resistance exercises on plyo boxes that are solid and heavy weight.

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$155.39 - $671.99
1 Review

Core Flyte™

The next generation of ball stability training, Core Flytes activate the core and engage more muscles for a full-body workout. Core Flytes use three omni-directional balls that move under a stable base to add a stability component to any exercise. Unlike any gliding or sliding product, users must…

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Speed Vest

A breathable, weighted training vest designed especially for running, jumping, and other forms of intense training.

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Hyper Vest Pro Small

The Hyper Vest Pro ultimate weighted vest features a revolutionary control system and fabric described as the best weight vest by Men's Health Magazine. The innovative design of the Hyper Vest Pro holds high-density steel weights firmly and comfortably close to the core, even during vigorous,…

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The Power Builder

Perform plyometric drills without sacrificing correct technique when you use the Power Builder

$38.69 - $91.39


…PowerWave is also available in Class Packs for facilities, and racks are available. PowerWave Features: * Weight options available for any fitness level - Super, Spartan and Beast * Weighted keystone engages core muscles * Double stitched, removable straps and handles allow for hundreds of exercise…

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$159.99 - $223.39
3 Reviews

Pro Maxima Outlaw CF9300 Total Body Trainer

The Outlaw Total Body Trainer is a serious piece of equipment that allows you and your clients to perform hundreds of body transforming exercises. Massive 435 lb. weight stack provides a full range of resistance for beginners to professionals.

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Versa Fit Belt 10 lbs

Increase your strength and cardiovascular endurance with VersaFit Belt. Choose 10 or 20 lb weighted belt. Has easily removable weights. Fits 30 - 46 " waist

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$45.69 - $56.99

Versa Fit Log

VersaFit Log - This versatile training tool is great for indoor or outdoor use, functional and rotational movements, Olympic Lifts, or plyometrics. 10-50lbs

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$103.69 - $155.39
1 Review

TRX All Body Flexibility Poster

The TRX Flexibility Poster illustrates essential movement patterns to increase or enhance flexibility throughout the body.

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