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Urethane Weight Plates

Urethane Plate

weights clearly marked in white. Sold individually - not in pairs. Olympic bar and collars sold separately. See it in a room! Our Strength Training Room 3D rendering examples will give you a feeling of how the Urethane Plates can work in your facility! Features: * Unique beveled edges make the plate

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$11.55 - $169.00
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Urethane Plate Set for Axle

…for using in hand-held exercises * Durable urethane with a metal core * Plate set is 36 plates total - 12 of each 2.5,5, and 10 lb. plates * Plate set is intended for use with 6 Axles, sold separately * Each Axle set would have a pair of each weight * Plate set fits on Axle Club Storage rack with 6…

1 Review

Urethane Grip Plate with Yellow Insert

…grade plates - priced for the home user! Plates sold in singles, sized to fit any Olympic-sized lifting bar. Features: Designated gripping locations for using in hand-held exercises * Urethane surface coating with a solid stainless steel core insert * Black with yellow insert * Plates sold…

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$123.19 - $139.27

ProElite Pump Plate

…Durable urethane plates with stainless steel inner ring * No more than 150 lbs. recommended load per bar * Specially designed grip locations for plates to be used on and off the bar * Beveled edge design to keep the weighted bar from rolling away when not in use * Color palette provides easy weight

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TireFlip Weight Plates

Olympic sized urethane coated steel plates in 5 or 10 lb size that are guaranteed to fit on all Abs Company plate-loaded products. Weights are sold in 4 packs. Purchasing these weights mean that you can now extend the weight range of your workouts. For example, increase the range of the TireFlip180…

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Urethane Cardio Dumbbell

…regardless of weight, providing a confident grip for all fitness levels. The ends feature our proprietary beveled edge to prevent weights from rolling with not in use. Enjoy a seamless experience in color and weight communication from our ProElite Pump plates to hand weights to med balls, loops…

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Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-7200 Cable Cross Over

…on every machine for the cable adjustments. * Weight stack plates are solid steel machined precisely to with in an oz of weight. * Weight stack is accessible from a seated position. * Weight stacks are enclosed in full length shrouds. * Weight system allows user to increase by 5 lb increments.…