Tube Short

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Versa Tube Short Light Sale

Versa Tube Short Light

The Versa-Tube Short is a shorter version of our Versa-Tube and is designed for exercises with a shorter range of movement. Available in many reistances.

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Premium Versa Tube Short Sale

Premium Versa Tube Short

Premium Versa-Tube Short

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Mini Versa Loops 9 inch

…fitness clubs and home gyms. Six resistance levels for any user, whether you are an experienced athlete or just beginning fitness training. Ideal for short, limited arm movements. Fits comfortably around the wrist or forearms. Kit available. Also sold in packs of 10. Standard Versa Loop diameter is…

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$2.78 - $16.24
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Resistance Loop

…Spartan Resistance Loop is a simple training tool with endless possibilities. Our loops can be used to train various muscle groups, and are ideal for short, limited, intense movements. Heavier resistances are great for experienced athletes, and our lightest resistance is a useful rehab or stretching…

$2.10 - $2.91
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