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Thigh Strap

Vector Thigh Cinch Strap

…machine. The Thigh Cinch Strap is a black nylon strap, 13" L x 2" W securely sewn to a 15" L x 4.5" W pad. The D ring end slips easily through the buckle on the pad, allowing users to easily adjust the size. Black. Features: * 28"L total will fit most users * 13" L x 2" W nylon strap - 15" L x 4.5"…

Vector Trainer System

…attachments add to the functionality of the Vector - a lightweight thigh cinch strap for an effective lower extremity workout. The cinch strap can easily be swapped out for different attachments, such as the torso strap or long strap loop handle. This system can be used in all locations, indoors and…