Stability Balls

Versa Ball PRO Stability Ball

Versaball is the ultimate exercise ball for incorporating moderate levels of resistance into your workout routine.

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$38.39 - $51.99
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Versa Ball Stability Ball

Build Strength with a Stability Ball: A Must-Have Tool for Gym and Therapy Facilities.

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$21.99 - $29.99
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LifeFitness Stability Ball

Take your fitness level up a notch with the LifeFitness stability ball from Power Systems.

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$39.95 - $52.95

ProElite Stability Ball

…* 65 cm: 5'8" to 6'1" Versa Ball Versa Ball Pro Primary Uses Core, Stabilization, and Rehabilitation Larger Users and Dynamic Resistance Training Static Weight Limit 800 lbs. 1,000 lbs. Burst Resistant to 500 lbs. 1,000 lbs. Sizes 45 cm to 75 cm 55 cm to 75 cm Ball Diameter User Height 45 cm (17.7")…

$59.99 - $69.99

Premium Med Ball Tree Kit Gray with 20 Basic Med Balls

Store up to 20 medicine balls on a Premium Med Ball Tree! Sturdy, metal rack in black or gray color is portable on casters for convenience between classes.

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$1347.39 - $1552.99

BOSU Ballast Ball

A BOSU ball is a total-body training tool that provides more stability than a traditional stability ball.

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Ball Storage Stackers

Keep your facility neat and organized with stability ball storage racks from Power Systems.

Stability Ball Storage Rack

A quality stability ball storage rack from Power Systems keeps your gym neat and organized.

$147.39 - $248.69

OCR Grip and Pull Training Kit

…* 1 - Kettlebell - 35 lbs OCR Grip and Pull - X - Large Includes: * 1 - Versa Loop Kit * 1 - XD Kevlar Sand Disc - 10 lb * 1 - Strength Band - Heavy - Purple * 1 - Kettlebell - 35 lbs * 1 - Premium Slam Ball - 20 lbs * 1 - Strength Band - Medium - Black * 2 - Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells - 20 lb

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$56.99 - $271.99

Basic Power Medicine Ball

Add resistance and challenge to a workout with the Power Systems Basic Medicine Ball.

$16.99 - $91.99
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Step360 Pro

…body's balance and stability on any side of the step. Customize the difficulty of your workout by adding or reducing the air in each individual chamber. Use the six tubing notches along the outside to add resistance to workouts. Turn the base over and use it to keep Versa Balls in place for…

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Body Ball Exercise Chart - Core

Provide your clients with clear and useful body ball exercises by posting the body ball exercise chart from Power Systems

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Ball Base

Your exercise ball has far more uses than you think. Extend its usefulness both in and out of the gym with our Power Systems brand Ball Base.

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$21.99 - $26.99

Premium Stability Ball Rack

Maintain a neat and organized fitness facility with a stability ball rack from Power Systems.

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Body Ball Exercise Chart - Upper/Lower Body

The Body Ball exercise poster for the upper/lower body has 17 instructions/photos of exercises with the stability ball. Body Ball charts are great tools.

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