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Original Health Club <strong>Step</strong>

Original Health Club Step

Best Seller. The name says it all! This is the step that started the greatest exercise trend in the fitness industry. Adjustable heights of 4", 6" and 8". Rubberized deck and slip resistant bottom. Includes platform and four risers - each also sold individually. Kits and storage carts available. 22 lbs. Features: Includes platform and four risers - each also sold individually Black/Gray or Black/Teal Height adjusts to 4", 6" and 8" Weight limit 400 lbs 40" L x 14" W Cannot be sold outside the US.

Options: with 4 risers | with 4 risers

FreeStyle <strong>Step</strong>

FreeStyle Step

The platform features a cushioned surface, providing maximum traction and comfort. Freestyle risers allow for three platform positions: flat, horizontal, and vertical slant. Additional risers also available. Kits and carts available. Features: Set comes with 4 risers (2 FreeStyle and 2 traditional) and 1 platform FreeStyle risers are Gray and allow for 3 varying platform positions Weight limit 300 lbs 40" L x 14" W Gray/Black or Red/Black Cannot be sold outside the US.

Options: Gray FreeStyle Step | Red FreeStyle Step | Risers

Power <strong>Step</strong>per Ankle Resistance Band

Power Stepper Ankle Resistance Band

Best Seller. Four challenging levels. Develop strong first-step quickness and target the hard-to-isolate inner and outer thigh muscles. Start with intermediate resistance to teach and perfect resistance band skills, and then graduate to advanced and elite exercise band workouts. Padded ankle cuffs are extra-long to accommodate most users. Features: Excellent for all-over body training Great for travel Includes one 10" long latex tube with 2 padded ankle cuffs with Velcro straps Contains Latex

Options: Intermediate

The Circuit <strong>Step</strong>

The Circuit Step

Best Seller. Smaller, and more economical than the Original Health Club Step with only 25" L x 11" W stepping surface. Slip-resistant bottom. Height adjusts to 4", 6", or 8". Black/Gray. One platform comes with four risers. 12 lbs. The weight limit for the Circuit Step platform only is 275 lbs. and the platform with risers is 400 lbs. Additional risers sold separately in pairs. Features: Set includes platform and four risers Additional risers sold separately in pairs Black/Gray set or Violet risers available Height adjusts to 4", 6" and 8" Cannot be sold outside the US.

Options: Step with 4 Risers | Additional Risers - ONLY - Black

Versa <strong>Step</strong>s

Versa Steps

Best Seller. Arrange these small, colorful, air-filled balance trainer domes in a number of configurations to suit a wide variety of athletic needs. Domes are double-sided for increased versatility. Place them flat side down for a basic challenge or pebble side down for a more advanced challenge. The textured surface helps keep your feet from slipping during your workout, and is also useful for motor skill development. Soft PVC is burst resistant up to 300 lbs. 6 1/2" diam. x 3 1/2" H. Ships inflated. Includes carry bag and 6 VersaSteps. Features: Burst resistant up to 300 lbs. Includes carry bag and 6 VersaSteps Soft PVC Colors may vary 6 1/2" diam. x 3 1/2" H Ships inflated Great for balance training and motor skill development Ideal for personal training or rehabilitation Usable on both...

Options: Set of 6 w/ Carry Bag

Brower TCi Timing System with <strong>Smart</strong>phone Connectivity

Brower TCi Timing System with Smartphone Connectivity

BRAND NEW! The Track and Speed Evaluation system is the latest development from Brower Timing Systems. This system utilizes the Brower Timing TCi-System. The TCi-System is a wireless timing device that enables athletes and coaches to measure time, speed, count repetitions, input test data and save it all in the TCi-Timer memory. The TCi-System can send radio transmissions up to 800 feet and is accurate to the thousandth of a second, making it a highly precise timing tool. It is also equipped with five different radio frequencies allowing multiple Brower systems to be used in the same area. With Brower Timing’s dedication to portability, all components of the TCi-System have been designed to fit neatly into a small lumbar pack. Made in the USA. Two year limited warranty. Batteries included....

<strong>Smart</strong> Hurdle

Smart Hurdle

Versatile speed and agility equipment that benefits coaches and athletes alike! Five options and simple, lightweight design allows you to set up quickly with the support of a single rotating leg. The training hurdles stay in place, even on uneven surfaces. The smaller sizes can be used for lateral drills while the larger sizes increase cardio and aid in knee lift. Coaches in a wide array of sports incorporate training hurdles into their workouts to increase speed and agility. Yellow. 6" to 42" H. Features: 5 different quantity/height combinations, from 6" to 42" high Lightweight with a single rotating leg 3-Point base system keeps hurdle in place

Options: #5: Adjustable, 27" - 42"

Original Health Club <strong>Step</strong> Riser Only

Original Health Club Step Riser Only

Best Seller. Risers only! Sold in pairs. Black/Gray to match the platform of the Original Health Club Step. 7 lbs. Features: Sold in pairs Each riser is 2" H. Cannot be sold outside the US.

Options: Black Risers

Original Health Club <strong>Step</strong> Platform Only

Original Health Club Step Platform Only

Best Seller. Platform only. Rubberized deck and slip resistant bottom. Features: Rubberized deck and slip resistant bottom Black/Gray Risers sold separately Weight limit 400 lbs 40" L x 14" W Cannot be sold outside the US.

Options: Gray

Versa Bar Aerobic Bar Prime

Versa Bar Aerobic Bar Prime

UPDATE ON A TOP SELLER! We combined the best parts of our best-selling VersaBar options into one new design! Streamlined, injection molded caps have the weights molded into them - no need for labels, the weights won’t come off! VersaBar Prime is a weighted aerobic bar with color-coded end caps for easy weight identification. Solid steel construction with a superior rubberized coating for durability and a more comfortable, stable grip. The weight is molded into the cap so it won't wear off. Body bars are ideal for core strength training, functional training, cardio step workouts, as well as many other group and individual exercises. Great for classes - no need to stop to load and unload plates. Eight weights, ranging from 6 to 36 lbs. 2-year limited warranty. Racks available. Features: Soli...

Options: 6 lbs, 4' | 9 lbs, 4' | 12 lbs, 4' | 15 lbs, 4' | 18 lbs, 4' | 24 lbs, 5' | 30 lbs, 5' | 36 lbs, 6'

Power Systems Deck

Power Systems Deck

Introducing the Power Systems Deck! Harnessing the latest innovations in product development, the Power Systems Deck features a non-slip rubber surface that ensures greater stability throughout every movement while expanding workouts like no other tool in a tight, portable package. Enhance cardio workouts by incorporating step and bench-based movements up to 330 lbs. Transform from the deck from an inclined or declined weight bench for strength training. The thoughtful design and stability carries through when transporting and storing the deck for group fitness classes or training on-the-go. When you want to achieve low impact aerobics, set deck at 8 inches for you and your group. Add more challenge and intensity using the risers to elevate the deck to 14 inches. Attach tubes, store access...

Options: Deck only

Speed Rope

Speed Rope

Best Seller! Durable black vinyl rope built for speed, agility and cardio training. Color coded, molded PVC handles allow for a comfortable and solid grip. Five lengths to accommodate any user. See the specifications below to determine the best jump rope based on your height. Racks available. Features: Durable vinyl rope Molded PVC handles Lengths color coded by handles 5 different lengths Jump Rope Length Recommendations: 6' - user height 3'11" and under 7' - user height 4' to 4'8" 8' - user height 4'9" to 5'5" 9' - user height 5'6" to 6" 10' - user height 6'1" to 6'6" How to determine the correct length of a Power Systems Speed Rope for you: Step with one foot into the middle of the rope Bring your hands up towards your chest Place your hands underneath your armpits (the rope should be s...

Options: 7' | 8' | 9' | 10'

Versa Disc

Versa Disc

Best Seller! Incorporate this air-filled disc into balanced-based exercise routines to increase instability. Enhance balance, coordination and functional training by using two discs - one for each foot. Top and bottom have different textures - the bottom has small nodules for use in rehabilitation and massage. The nodules also help reduce slippage and stabilize the disc during use. Ships inflated. Features: Balance difficulty can be adjusted by varying the level of air pumped into the disc Low 2.5-inch height increases safety; if you lose your balance, you just step off Strong PVC construction supports users up to 300 pounds Soft, durable PVC in three color options 13 1/2" diam. x 2 1/2" H

Options: Red | Blue

Pro Power Jumper

Pro Power Jumper

Step up your game with vertical jump training that is customized to your height and capabilities. The large, 30"W x 50"L non-slip jumping platform has a slot on the bottom for weighted plates. The resistance tubing helps build the leg strength needed to improve vertical jump and make you a more powerful performer in your sport. Long tubing sold separately. Plates sold separately. Features: Waist or shoulder harness options Tubing lengths available for various heights Large 30”W x 50”L non-slip jumping platform Platform 45-lb counterweight plates and long tubing sold separately Need 45 lb. counterweight plates? Get them here.

Options: with Standard Waist Belt & Regular Tubing | with Shoulder Harness & Regular Tubing | 32" Regular Tubing Only

Pro-Vinyl Jump Rope

Pro-Vinyl Jump Rope

Best Seller. Our Pro-Vinyl jump rope is a cut above what you might remember from the playground. Our speed jump rope features a vinyl rope and molded PVC handles with radial ball bearings. Three lengths to fit most users. 1 lb. Racks available. Features: Molded PVC handles with radial ball bearings Durable vinyl rope 3 sizes - 8', 9', 10' Rope color varies by length Jump Rope Length Recommendations: 8' - user height 4'9" to 5'5" 9' - user height 5'6" to 6" 10' - user height 6'1" to 6'6" How to determine the correct length of a Power Systems Pro-Vinyl Jump Rope for you: Step with one foot into the middle of the rope. Bring your hands up towards your chest. Place your hands underneath your armpits - the rope should be semi-taut. The length of the rope measured from one hand to the other is t...

Options: 8' Red | 9' Blue | 10' Black

Hex Bar

Hex Bar

IMPROVE DEADLIFT TECHNIQUE AND FORM – A hexagonal shaped barbell will help you perfect a deadlift that is hip dominant, with the bonus of being easier on the joints than standard barbells. The wide, neutral grip keeps your spine and joins aligned resulting in correct form for a perfect lift. SPECIALTY HEX BAR KEEPS WEIGHT IN CENTER MASS – Stepping into the center of a hex bar puts your center of mass in the middle of the bar – equally distributing the weight from left to right and front to back. This sets you up to tackle heavy lifts while staying centered and grounded. ADD EXTRA WEIGHT TO LIFTS SAFELY – Challenge your max lifts and build more muscle by adding heavier weights to this bar. The varied handles and grips help you carry more weight than a typical barbell. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION A...

Terra Core Balance Trainer

Terra Core Balance Trainer

IT'S A STEP. IT'S A BALANCE TRAINER. IT'S A MULTIFACETED GROUP-X MACHINE. IT'S THE SOULMATE OF WEIGHT BANDS EVERYWHERE. IT'S THE LONGEST, BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY. IT'S OVER 250 EXERCISES TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS. ITS 1,000 LB. WEIGHT CAPACITY. TERRA CORE Balance Trainer BENEFITS are scientifically proven to ENGAGE 4 TIMES MORE MUSCLE GROUPS than the same exercise on a flat, hard surface. See our website for details. Turns ALL of your WORKOUTS into a THREE-DIMENSIONAL, functional sweat fest. The Terra Core is designed to WORK BY ITSELF or with resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX and ALL OTHER FITNESS ACCESSORIES. The bottom side offers PUSHUP HANDLES and other exercises to help BUILD BALANCE and AGILITY. It's also perfect as an AEROBIC STEP or for FUNCTIO...

Pro Agility Ladder

Pro Agility Ladder

Our Pro Agility Ladder features a unique quick-change latch that lets you adjust the placement of the slats and lock them into position, a feature that is exclusively ours. Use narrow spacing on this workout ladder for short and quick steps or wider spacing for longer strides. The speed ladder can separate into two sections for more training variety. Stakes keep the exercise ladder stable when using it outdoors, and loops let you attach weight plates to hold the exercise ladder in position indoors. Features: High-impact PVC slats, carry bag and handle Indoor/outdoor Red/White Available in two length options: 30' L x 20" W and 15' L x 20" W 30' L ladder can separate into 2 15' sections 15' L ladder cannot connect to other ladders

Options: 30' L

Jacobs Ladder Stairway

Jacobs Ladder Stairway

The Stairway is a stair climbing cardio machine designed specifically for the commercial environment. The unique design offers a rotating staircase where the speed of the stairs is controlled by the tension of the waist belt (which is identical to Jacobs Ladder). The higher you go, the faster the stairs come, so you are always in control of your speed.The cardio machine is self-powered so there is no need for a wall plug. The ceiling height requirement is 8.5 feet and the width is 30.5”, so you can place it where most stair climbers won’t fit. The display gives Stairs Climbed, Rate (steps/min), Elapsed Time, Calorie Burn and Heart Rate (with wireless strap). Initial step height of 11” is among the lowest on the market. Dimensions: 59”L 75”H 30.5”W 355 lbs. This item ships directly from the...

Indoor Agility Ladder 15'

Indoor Agility Ladder 15'

Improve your agility even in wet or cold weather conditions. These ladders resists movement on smooth surfaces and will not harm your floors, making it a top choice for indoor use. Ten stepping areas measure 18" each. Each of the eleven crosspieces contain two iron rods to keep the ladder flat and stationary. Rolls to fit into carry bag, included. Black/White. Features: 15'L 10 stepping areas measure 18" each Includes carry bag

Options: 15'