Monster Sled

Develop powerful legs and strong back muscles with a weight sled from Power Systems

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$33.39 - $405.39

Power Sled

Pull or push to improve strength, stamina, speed, and acceleration using the Power Sled w/ Shoulder Strap and Leads. Dual leads for stability during drills.

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The Tank

Feeling the resistance increase with speed causes a surprise “wow” reaction and a unique exercise experience that users will love. Select from three levels of resistance and perform bursts of acceleration and speed, varying the intensity in different runs or within the same run. TANK's inflated soft…


Predator Sled

…they need to crush their opponent. A trainer and elite fighter's dream tool, the Predator box is a push-pull sled, training station, and plyometric box all in one impressive tool. As a sled, the Predator provides up to 540 pounds of graduated pushing or pulling resistance; as a plyometric box, the…

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Build explosive leg drive out of the blocks with the SKLZ SpeedSac. This variable weight sled allows you to strengthen your lower body muscle groups by providing options for increased resistance training similar to metal sleds.

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HiTrainer ATP

…to maximize the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Adjustable resistance allows users to easily move from over speed training to sled with the twist of a knob. The ATP console provides performance feedback including average speed, peak speed and distance. Pre-programmed ATP sprint…

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Power Sled Handle

Converts Power Sled into drive sled! Insert the handle into the sled and go—no bolts needed! Handle fits snugly into sled, positioning the hands 35" to 37" from the ground and putting the athlete in the ideal drive position. Or, when the athlete is pulling a heavy sled load, insert the handle to…