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Slastix Pro Resistance Tube

Slastix technology incorporates a safety sleeve which encloses the latex, resistance tubing and protects it from ultraviolet light, body oils, nicks, and the cuts of daily use. Sleeves also provide insurance against the stretch limitations of the fitness tubing during resistance training. Nylon…

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Slastix Toner Resistance Tubing

Slastix Toner Resistance Tubing uses new technology for a new era in resistance tubing

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$18.39 - $20.39
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The Predator Sled Sale

The Predator Sled

…the Predator Sled around after a push, simply move the push bars to the other side and carry on. The Predator Sled is the ultimate power and conditioning tool. Weight - 109 lbs Dimensions - 36"×36"×41" Max Weight - 350 lbs Plate loadable Plyobox top Anchor Slastix in 8 places Removable Push Handles

$416.07 $489.49