Sand Bags

VersaFit Sand Log

VersaFit Sand Log - This versatile training tool is great for indoor or outdoor use, functional and rotational movements, Olympic Lifts, or plyometrics. 10-50lbs

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XD™ Kevlar® Sand Disc with Grip Sale

XD™ Kevlar® Sand Disc with Grip

Our Sand Disc with an upgrade! The additional filled flange around the edge makes gripping the disc easier. Shifting steel sand in a pliable, Durable DuPont Kevlar fiber disc, with a larger gripping area. Slightly textured and tacky to keep the disc in your hands, and the weight is embroidered on…

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PowerForce Heavy Bag - 100 lbs

bag provides the opportunity for an efficient cardio workout. The heavy bag features a durable design to withstand the strongest punches and kicks even in the largest fitness clubs. Instead of the usual cotton, sand, paper and miscellaneous filling found in most heavy bags. The PowerForce Heavy Bag