Resistance Bands

resistance bands

Resistance Bands

Price, Ease of Use, and Flexibility Are the Key Benefits of Resistance Bands from Power Systems
Resistance bands have been referred to as the "great democratizer" of the exercise world, because they cost about the same as a one-month gym membership, and a fraction of what other types of exercise equipment cost. But the benefits of resistance bands don't stop at their low price tag. They are remarkably easy to learn to use, and allow you to create a remarkable range of exercises using a single piece of equipment. Finally – and possibly most important to people who are constantly on the go, they bring flexibility to your exercise schedule because if you throw them into your suitcase when you travel, you can exercise anywhere. So if you are looking for an inexpensive, portable, and flexible piece of exercise equipment – for your home or for your professional gym or workout classes – Power Systems has everything you need to create state-of-the-art resistance band workouts.

Resistance Bands are Flexible and Easy to Use

Resistance bands allow you to work out all of the same muscle groups you would be able to exercise using free weights or specialized machines at the gym. For example, you can stand on one end of the resistance band and pull upwards to do bicep curls. If you secure the band to the upper frame of a door, you can pull down to perform pulldowns or triceps pushdowns. Wrap the band around a vertical pole, and you can work on your chest, emulating the motions of butterfly presses. You can even use them in conjunction with other equipment; for example, using ankle resistance bands while performing your power stepper routines. The only limit to the number of resistance band exercises you can create is your own imagination.

Resistance Bands Have Benefits Other Equipment Doesn't
One of the key advantages of resistance bands over exercise machines and free weights is that they allow a constant resistance over the full range of motion. For example, if you are working with free weights to do bicep curls, the resistance is created by gravity, so resistance is greater during the upswing of the curl (when you are working against gravity) than it is on the downswing (when you are actually being assisted by gravity). With bands, the resistance is constant, which forces you to use more muscle groups, and helps to improve your coordination and balance as you build strength. At Power Systems, we offer a wide variety of resistance bands, ranging from starter sets to individual handles, resistance tubing, and cuffs, so you can create your own resistance bands exercises in custom configurations that you design yourself. We also carry resistance tube training posters and instruction books to get you started.

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Versa Loops All 6 Resistances

Improve Strength and Fitness through Resistance Bands

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$3.39 - $18.99
47 Reviews

Strength Band Super Heavy

Incorporate Variety and Flexibility into Your Routine with Resistance Bands

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$10.39 - $71.39
6 Reviews

Premium Versa Tube All 6 Resistances

Take strength and fitness to a new level with the Premium Versa-Tube Resistance Tube.

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$9.39 - $60.69
8 Reviews

Mini Versa Loops 9 inch

…upper body exercises or use on recumbent bikes. Versa Loops are perfect for personal training and for use in fitness clubs and home gyms. Six resistance levels for any user, whether you are an experienced athlete or just beginning fitness training. Ideal for short, limited arm movements. Fits…

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$2.69 - $15.69

Flat Band 4' All 6 Resistances

Gain strength and flexibility with a Power Systems brand exercise resistance band.

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$3.69 - $453.39

Versa Tube Long All 6 Resistances

The Long Versa-Tube gives taller people the advantages of exercising with resistance bands.

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$8.99 - $58.39
2 Reviews

Versa Cuff All 6 Resistances

Versa Cuff is the Perfect Tool to Tone and Strengthen the Lower Body

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$12.39 - $75.39
14 Reviews

Lifeline Fitness Cable Only 60"

Create an effective resistance training system with the Lifeline fitness tube from Power Systems.

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$10.39 - $20.39

ProElite Covered Tube

…coded resistances – Extra Light through Ultra Heavy * Plastic handle with foam * Resistance is clearly visible on the nylon handle strap * Tubing is covered by a thick, nylon sleeve to protect it from nicks, cuts and overstretching * Tube is 60" (5') ProElite Covered Tubes Strength Color Resistance

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$13.39 - $18.39

Max Flex Handle - Single Cable Pocket

One handle – any resistance level! The single pocket design allows you to change resistance cables to customize specific exercises to fitness levels and targeted muscles. Durable, hard plastic construction with ergonomic, rotating handles. Easy cable attachment and removal. Works with Lifeline…

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LifeFitness Double Cord - 48"

LifeFitness Double Tubes Resistance easily connect to the LifeFitness Synrgy360 system or Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Racks to allow exercisers to simulate movements performed on cable weight machines.

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Resistance Training Station

Allow more connections for resistance band training with the Resistance Training Station


Double Cords Kit,includes all 6 resistances

Double Cords are affordable and effective for upper and lower- body workouts.

$24.39 - $124.39
1 Review

Bulk Resistance Tubing

Provide beginner and advanced exercisers with an adaptable workout with resistance tubes from Power Systems

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$17.99 - $464.39
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Versa Tube All 6 Resistances

Versa Tube is an affordable way to work out upper and lower body with resistance and unlike bulky exercise equipment Versatube goes where you go.

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$8.39 - $54.69
3 Reviews