Rep Band--Flat Bands--Latex Free

REP Resistance Band - Latex Free

REP Bands let you add resistance to your workout without the irritation of latex sensitivity.

$11.79 - $101.11
2 Reviews

PowerForce Free Standing Bag

The Powerforce Free-Standing Bag from Power Systems provides a form of MMA training with a cardio, boxing, martial arts, or kickboxing workout like no other, and without the need to provide architectural support for a heavy hanging bag.

2 Reviews

PowerWave Class Packs Beast Reps Class Pack - 10 Pack

…using the PowerWave. Click HERE for more details about the PowerRack. Updated programming! The FREE PowerWave App is now available on iTunes and GooglePlay! The app will give you access to a variety of free PowerWave workouts and nutritional information on the go! This app will work on Apple and…

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Harbinger Palm Grips Sale

Harbinger Palm Grips

The perfect training aid to get through high rep workouts without tearing up your hands! The wrap-around fingerless hand design provides total palm coverage. Harbinger's proprietary real leather grip offers strong protection against calluses and skin tearing. Designed for right and left with quick…

$12.70 $25.39

Club Premium Kettlebell Rack

Keep your exercise are free of scattered kettlebells with the help of a Club Kettlebell Rack by Power Systems.

Reebok Tri Rig Sale

Reebok Tri Rig

The stylish Tri Rig system is the perfect solution if you are looking for a versatile, compact free standing design.

$2,595.91 $7,866.39

Stability Ball Wall Storage Rack

Free up floor space with a wall mounted Stability Ball Wall Storage Rack. Gray, hard PVC rack holds up to four Swiss balls between group fitness classes.

Cable Attachment Bar Storage Rack Only

Keep your workout floor trip hazard free with a Cable Attachment Bar Storage Rack. This black, steel rack secures up to 22 attachment bars and accessories.

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Target ABS

…and perform a sit up motion touching the colored targets as you crunch forward and reach toward the top of the bench. Once you touch the target your rep is complete. Two complementary targets are positioned on either side of the main target allowing for effective oblique training as well. Increase…

Jacquard Yoga Towel and Mat Turquoise Sale

Jacquard Yoga Towel and Mat Turquoise

…and is phthalate free. Now available in class packs. Features: * Eco-friendly, PVC & phthalate free * Great for Bikram Yoga classes * Easy to clean – machine washable * Two colors to choose from - Blue or Turquoise * Class packs available * Eco-friendly, PVC & phthalate free * 68” L x 24” W…

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$14.70 - $194.51 $41.99 - $720.39

Premium Standing Rack for Tubing or Jump Ropes

Free up gym floor space with a Premium Standing Rack for Tubing or Jump Ropes. Store up to 400 jump ropes on 14 posts. Casters for mobility. Black, metal.

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Maxx Bench Flat Bench with Wheel Set

The World's Safest Bench, a revolutionary free weight bench with patented gravity release technology featuring a foot lever that lowers the lifter while placing the loaded barbell safely on the rack.

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ProElite Club Mat - Slate Gray

…and is phthalate free. This mat has an ideal elasticity and support density to support all types of floor exercises, like core and abs classes. Wipes clean. 74”L x 24” W x .25" thick. Sold individually and in class packs. Features: * TPE Eco-friendly, PVC & phthalate free * Supports a variety…

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$38.70 - $654.52

Vertical Crunch

…machine. Its free swivel seat allows the user to seamlessly change from rectus abdominus to obliques without pausing the workout. Plate loading allows for increased intensity for advanced users and the built in weight storage keeps your fitness floor neat and orderly. * FEATURES: * Free Style Motion…


Portable Multisport Scoreboard

…require a scoreboard that can display scoring information for a number of sports. This unit can be mounted on 3-inch legs, 3-foot stand, or a wheeled scoreboard caddy. Scoreboard INCLUDES: built-in wireless capabilities, wireless scoreboard controller, built-in horn, and free customization options.