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Reebok Studio Mat

Reebok Studio Mat Light Grey/Black Sale

Reebok Studio Mat Light Grey/Black

The 0.4in thick Reebok Studio Mat provides a plush platform for all types of studio classes such as Yoga, Pilates and floor-based workouts. Formed from a single piece of 10mm thick foam, the mat retains its consistency when compressed, making it ideal for all types of exercises and routines. Holes…

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Reebok Elite Yoga Mat Sale

Reebok Elite Yoga Mat

…premium Reebok Elite Yoga mat is both a practical and stylish option to support you in all Yoga poses with great comfort. the Elite Yoga Mat yields to pressure and withstands regular use. Black. Features: * Dimensions: 72" x 24" x .5 cm (183 x 61 x 0.5cm) * Highly durable for regular use in studio

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Reebok Mat Rack

…designed to store up to 30 mats, the Reebok Rack's tiered rails support both full length and studio mats. Made from robust steel with rubberized feet, the rack's wide base holds up to 110 lbs. with a compact footprint keeping your studio tidy. 14" from mat post to mat post. Features: * Durable steel…

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Reebok Yoga Mat

The Reebok Yoga mat is designed to be durable and long lasting without compromising comfort. Formed from a single piece of 0.6in thick foam to maintain an even consistency when compressed, the Yoga Mat is ideal for class settings, and being 173cm (5' 6”) in length, the mat provides a large platform…

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Reebok Ab Wedge Mat

…to the natural curvature of the spine. The Reebok mat's flat, non-slip base keeps it in place throughout movement and the high density foam construction keeps it firm for prolonged use. Suitable for everyone, every size and shape, the Reebok Ab Wedge Mat is a compact, portable workout tool that can…

Reebok Yoga Kit

Reebok Yoga Kit contains all the basics you need to practice at home or in a studio! The kit includes one Reebok Elite Yoga Mat, one Reebok Studio Yoga Block, and one Reebok Studio Yoga Strap. Features: * Adjustable yoga strap 69" x 1.5" (175 x 3.8cm) * Block is 9" x 6" x 3" (23 x 15 x 7.6cm) * Mat