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Pull Up

Chin-Up Bar

A Power Systems Pull Up Bar is the perfect addition to your home gym equipment.


Premium Pull Up Bar

The wall-mounted pull-up bar takes your pull-ups to the next level. It offers plenty of room for various grip widths and saves on space. Attach the additional pull-up bar for more pull-up stations in your facility or gym. Features * Mounts to wall to save space. * Offers plenty of room for various…

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Spartan Strength Band Light

Improve overall strength and endurance with our Spartan Strength Bands. Add resistance to standard strength building exercises, like chest presses and squats or offset body weight for pull-ups and tricep dips. Great for increasing flexibility and range of motion. Available in seven resistance levels…

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$16.01 - $85.34
3 Reviews

Performance Quarter Rack

…of J-Hooks are included with the base unit. Our heavy-duty plastic core provides ultimate barbell protection. INTEGRATED PULL UP BAR: The top joining arm provides a pull up station on your rack. 60X60x3 BOX SECTION: 60x60x3mm thick square laser cut steel uprights backed by an industry leading…

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Diamond Pro Hex Barbell

The Diamond Pro Hex Bar meets the new US Army fitness (ACFT) requirement of a 60 lb. bar. A great option for adding pushing, pulling, grip strength, or burdened carry exercises to your lifting routine. Try a row, floor press, or Farmer's carry to mix up your workout. Black powder-coat finish.


Performance Folding Rack

…retain critical space in compact areas. SPACE SAVING: This rack sits only 4.7” off the wall when folded away, taking up no space at all when not in use. DETACHABLE PULL UP BAR: A pull bar is included with your rack and is easily removed to allow the rack to be folded away. J-HOOKS INCLUDED: A pair…


Grizzly Fitness 3 in. Leather Ankle Strap

…lift or pull without injury. • DOESN'T DIG IN : our premium ankle straps are made from a durable but flexible leather, with soft Borg padding that wraps around your ankle during range of exercises. Straps are heavily padded and fully adjustable, to ensure they fit properly and don't ride up or dig…

Granite Series Sled

The Power Systems Granite Series Sled will provide the perfect foundation for your strength programs. Pull it or push it, this powder coated steel sled is the perfect training tool for developing leg drive and improving acceleration - inside facilities or on the field! Use the two removable 3'H push…

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Grizzly Leather Dip/Pull-Up Belt

Leather Dip/ Pull-Up Belt with solid steel chain D-ring, and snap clip closure. Use for adding weight to ones own body when performing "dips" and similar exercises.

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Nylon Dip / Pull-Up Belt

The Dip Belt / Pull-Up Belt offers 2 choices. The leather belt is made with

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Assault Air Bike

…equipment to match an individual's ability and strength is nearly impossible. The Assault workout meets this challenge by ramping up resistance automatically as you push, pull, and pedal with greater speed and force. In fact, the Assault can provide a virtually unlimited workout. Keep it mellow and…

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KAYEZEN Multi-Vector Station

…solution to use and store your Vector systems. This sturdy, stylish unit provides endless connection points, from the ground all the way up to the 8' pull up bar. Four posts with four hooks per post make it easy to store Vectors and accessories. See it in a room! Our HIIT Studio rendering examples…

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Jerk Blocks - DC Blocks The Original Set of 12

…and plyometrics up to 24". * DC Blocks The Original - Set of 18 - Good for lifting from the clean power position for athletes up to approximately 5'7”; plyometrics up to 36". * DC Blocks The Original - Set of 24 - Good for lifting from the clean power position for athletes up to 6'; snatch power…

$669.00 - $2,099.00

Jerk Blocks - DC Blocks Double Wide

…when you don't * Larger pulling surface than standard jerk boxes Best Uses: * DC Blocks Double-Wide - Set of 6 - Good for plyometrics to a 12” height with a large landing surface. * DC Blocks Double-Wide - Set of 12 - Good for lifting from the knees and plyometrics up to 24” with a large…

$639.00 - $2,600.00

Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-7200 Cable Cross Over

…column * Easy lift adjustment handle * Bright red colored pull knobs * Instructional color placard * Custom made rubber feet with bolt-down holes * 150 lb. weight stack * 1/4" nylon coated aircraft cable driven. 4800 lb. test * Chin up station * Commercial Grade Fitness Equipment * 168" L x 55"…

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