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Olympic Bar Collars

ProElite Pump Set w/Lock-Jaw Collars Bar Only

Shop for the ProElite Pump Set with Lock Jaw Collars at Power Systems.

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$16.64 - $218.17
63 Reviews

ProElite Pump Set Spring Collars

Shop for the ProElite Pump Set at Power Systems.

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$7.42 - $190.87
63 Reviews

Standard 1 Inch Spring Collar

Standard Spring Collars at Power Systems, Inc.

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15 Reviews

Lock-Jaw Hex 30mm. Barbell Collar

The Lock-Jaw Hex 30mm. Barbell Collar features a solid nylon resin frame and injection molded pressure pads, making it nearly unbreakable.

63 Reviews

Pro Bar Wrap Pad

Doing squats or other exercises with a weight bar is great for your legs, but not so great for your neck and shoulders. Protect them with Power Systems' Pro Bar Wrap Pad.

5 Reviews

Hex Bar

Use the Hex Bar to keep weight centered for better balance and stress reduction for your back.

7 Reviews

Black Chrome 48" Lat Bar

Shop for the Black Chrome 48" Lat Bar at Power Systems.

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1 Review

Reebok Pump Set

…* Steel bar with marked template for guided form * Plates are cast iron covered with TPU * Plates can be used on bar or alone, utilizing the cut-out inner section for grip * Patented twist-lock collars * Set: 1 25mm steel bar, Plates (2) 2.75lb, (2) 5.5lb, (2) 11lb, 2 twist-lock collars * Not sure…

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7 Reviews

ProElite Pump Plate

…plates with stainless steel inner ring * No more than 150 lbs. recommended load per bar * Specially designed grip locations for plates to be used on and off the bar * Beveled edge design to keep the weighted bar from rolling away when not in use * Color palette provides easy weight identification…

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Step360™ Pro

Shop at Power Systems for the Step360 Pro functional training product. Durable, non-slip step with adjustable height and the added bonus of instability.

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6 Reviews

Reebok Deck

The Reebok Deck enables you to perform effective cardio workouts based on aerobic stepping, plus it can convert into a flat, incline or decline weight bench. With its natural inertia, low centre of mass and non-slip rubber surface, the Reebok Deck remains very stable and safe throughout every…

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