Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell Sale

Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell

Boost power movements with a rubber octagonal dumbbell that is kinder to your floor and equipment than traditional metal dumbbells

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Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Sale

Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells

…of the cast metal dumbbells are encased in thick rubber to prevent damage to the weights, floors and other equipment in the exercise facility. Octagonal head design keeps them from rolling away. Ergonomic, knurled handles provide a comfortable, stable grip. Durable construction that is ideal in…

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Studio Dumbbell Rack

…studio or functional training storage solution for our popular Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells and our new Cardio Dumbbells and Urethane Dumbbells. Holds up to 10 pairs of dumbbells, 1- 30 lbs for the Rubber Octagonal, 3-15 lbs for the Cardio, and any of the Urethane. Larger weights may not…

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Pro Maxima PLR-505A 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack

…will be contacted by one of our Business Development Representatives to arrange them. Features: * Holds a complete set 5-100 lb hexagonal or octagonal dumbbells * Heavy duty steel construction * This product comes with customizable options. * 119" L * 2" x 3" 11 gauge steel construction * Durable…

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Home Gym Small

…Black * Premium Yoga Sticky Mat - Jet Black - 68 x 24 x 1/4 * Ultra Kettlebell 15 lbs * Pro Elite Medicine Ball - 8 lbs * Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell 8 lbs * Rubber Octagonal Dumbbell 12 lbs Home Gym -Large Perfect for someone looking to outfit a full service home studio - includes the basics from the…

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