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<strong></strong>H<strong></strong>i<strong></strong>g<strong></strong>h<strong></strong> <strong></strong>D<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>n<strong></strong>s<strong></strong>i<strong></strong>t<strong></strong>y<strong></strong> <strong></strong>F<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>a<strong></strong>m<strong></strong> <strong></strong>R<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>

High Density Foam Roller

Best Seller! Firm, closed cell foam provides a deeper massage than our Closed-Cell Foam roller, while feeling soft on the skin. Stimulates blood flow and improves circulation to the body's soft tissues. Lengthen and loosen tight muscles or use the half-round versions to improve balance and core strength. Specially designed for frequent use, resistant to moisture and bacteria, and lasts up to five times longer than an open-celled foam roller. Clean with a damp cloth. Three lengths available. Racks and carts available. Black. Features: Closed-cell polyethylene foam for firmness Moisture resistant and long-lasting Available in 12", 18", and 36"

Options: 12", Round | 18", Round | 36", Round

<strong></strong>P<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>m<strong></strong>i<strong></strong>u<strong></strong>m<strong></strong> <strong></strong>E<strong></strong>V<strong></strong>A<strong></strong> <strong></strong>F<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>a<strong></strong>m<strong></strong> <strong></strong>R<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>

Premium EVA Foam Roller

Best Seller! Our firmest foam roller. The high quality of EVA closed-cell foam allows for excellent durable support while being soft on the skin. This roller is designed for heavy use, and will maintain its shape and firmness far longer than softer foam rollers. Rack and carts available. Features: Stimulates blood flow and improves circulation Lengthens and loosens knotted muscles Made of closed-cell polyethylene foam Available in 12" and 36" Six inch diameter Moisture resistant and can be wiped clean with a soft cloth Blue

Options: 36"x6", Round | 12"x6", Round

<strong></strong><<strong></strong>s<strong></strong>t<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>n<strong></strong>g<strong></strong>><strong></strong>M<strong></strong>y<strong></strong>o<strong></strong><<strong></strong>/<strong></strong>s<strong></strong>t<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>n<strong></strong>g<strong></strong>><strong></strong>-<strong></strong>R<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>a<strong></strong>s<strong></strong>e<strong></strong> <strong></strong>B<strong></strong>a<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>

<strong>Myo</strong>-Release Ball

Best Seller. Smaller and less cumbersome than a traditional foam roller, the <strong>Myo</strong>-Release Ball is a great size to hit different muscle groups and target different pressure points during self <strong>myo</strong>fascial release. Heat-sealed EVA foam construction maintains shape and resists moisture and bacteria. Lightweight and great for travel. Features: Heat-sealed EVA foam construction maintains shape and resists moisture and bacteria 6" diam Blue Marble or Black

Options: 6" diam | 6" diam



Best Seller. Smaller and less cumbersome than a traditional foam roller, the <strong>Myo</strong>-Roller has a channeled, or H-shape, design to promote spinal alignment and target different pressure points during self <strong>myo</strong>fascial release. The textured nodules add comfort during pin-point or acute release moves for the legs, back, and arms.Heat-sealed EVA foam construction maintains shape and resists moisture and bacteria. Lightweight and great for travel. Features: Heat-sealed EVA foam construction maintains shape and resists moisture and bacteria 6" L x 6" diam. Blue Marble Has a channeled design to promote spinal alignment


<strong></strong>R<strong></strong>A<strong></strong>M<strong></strong> <strong></strong>R<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>

RAM Roller

The recycled SPARTAN RAM is one of the most durable, versatile, effective and scalable training tools on the planet. The RAM is available in five weight options to get people of all ages and fitness levels involved in popular indoor/outdoor functional training programs. Trainers and coaches are drawn to its versatility to create new training experiences. No matter where you are, or how much time you have, the Spartan RAM will ensure that you get the maximum impact from every workout. Pull, Push, Lift, Throw, Carry, Roll, Clean, Twist, Lunge your way to a new level of strength, fitness, mobility and conditioning.

Options: 11 lb. | 22 lb. | 33 lb. | 44 lb. | 55 lb.

<strong></strong>C<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>e<strong></strong> <strong></strong>R<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>l<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>

Core Roller

The Core Roller helps build core strength to support all of your physical activities while decreasing your risk of injury. This sturdy ab roller has an extra-wide wheel that allows you to easily perform roll-outs, rolling planks, inch worms, and side-to-side roll work to target your abdominal muscles. Textured, molded, plastic wheel 7 inches in diameter, 2-1/8 inches wide. Non-slip handles 4-1/4 inches in length. 1 lb. Features: Strong, sure-grip plastic wheel Textured ergonomic handles make sure you never lose your grip Light (approximately 1 pound) and easily transportable for travel Can be used for many different ab roller exercises to build core strength

Options: Gray

<strong></strong>N<strong></strong>I<strong></strong>M<strong></strong>B<strong></strong>L<strong></strong> <strong></strong>X<strong></strong>L<strong></strong>R<strong></strong>8<strong></strong> <strong></strong>P<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>c<strong></strong>u<strong></strong>s<strong></strong>s<strong></strong>i<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>n<strong></strong> <strong></strong>G<strong></strong>u<strong></strong>n<strong></strong>

NIMBL XLR8 Percussion Gun

Professional grade quality recovery at an accessible price! Put the power of muscle recovery into your own hands with the worlds leading percussion massage tool - the NIMBL XLR8 -designed to activate muscles to achieve peak performance and recovery. Massage, or percussion guns are gaining popularity in the home recovery field, especially with athletes. Percussive, also referred to as vibration, therapy provides quick bursts of pressure directly into the muscle tissue to increase the blood flow to a specific area. The increased blood flow can help reduce muscle inflammation and tension, breaking up the knotted muscle tissue that occurs after intense workouts. Using the gun before tough workouts can act as a warm up, quickly getting the body ready for exercise. <strong>Myo</strong>fascial massage tools like...

Options: Percussion Gun and Attachments

<strong></strong>P<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>o<strong></strong> <strong></strong>M<strong></strong>a<strong></strong>x<strong></strong>i<strong></strong>m<strong></strong>a<strong></strong> <strong></strong>R<strong></strong>a<strong></strong>p<strong></strong>t<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>r<strong></strong> <strong></strong>S<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>r<strong></strong>i<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>s<strong></strong> <strong></strong>P<strong></strong>-<strong></strong>6<strong></strong>5<strong></strong>5<strong></strong>0<strong></strong> <strong></strong>A<strong></strong>b<strong></strong>d<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>m<strong></strong>i<strong></strong>n<strong></strong>a<strong></strong>l<strong></strong> <strong></strong>a<strong></strong>n<strong></strong>d<strong></strong> <strong></strong>B<strong></strong>a<strong></strong>c<strong></strong>k<strong></strong> <strong></strong>E<strong></strong>x<strong></strong>t<strong></strong>e<strong></strong>n<strong></strong>s<strong></strong>i<strong></strong>o<strong></strong>n<strong></strong>

Pro Maxima Raptor Series P-6550 Abdominal and Back Extension

ALL WEB ORDERS WILL BE BLACK/BLACK - BLACK PAINT WITH BLACK UPHOLSTRY. FOR ALL OTHER OPTIONS CALL OR EMAIL US DIRECTLY This product ships directly from the manufacturer. Estimated delivery is 4-6 weeks. Features: Receive a total body workout on this piece of equipment. 2" x 4" 11 gauge steel weight stack frame housing. Form fitted outer weight stack shield. ABS seat & back protective dishes. Seamless upholstery. Heavily padded rollers. Adjustable range of motion. Bright red colored pull knobs. Instructional color placard. 150 lb. weight stack. 1/4" nylon coated aircraft cable driven. 4800 lb. test. All pivoting axis have radial bearings. 62" L x 48" W x 68" H 630 lbs Adjustable positions on all machines to accommodate all users to ensure correct bio-mechanical function. Adjustments are mad...




Sled train in limited space! SLED PUSHING is one of the most effective exercises today. Its a total body workout that improves strength, stamina, speed and power! Typically you need 4050 yards of space to train. Not anymore! Now you only need 8 feet! All the benefits of sled training in a compact design. Plus the SledMill is green so all the power comes from you! Option offered is Gun Metal Gray. Features: The flat low friction roller deck design allows for maximum functionality and versatility Replicates all sled exercises including sprints Simulate athletic movements performed on court/field great for developing sports specific stability, speed and power Bi-directional brake forward or backwards Quickly change directions (forward, lateral, backwards) Trains how to generate maximu...

Options: Gun Metal Gray

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