Medicine Ball 6 Lbs

Basic Power Medicine Ball 6 lbs

Add resistance and challenge to a workout with the Power Systems Basic Medicine Ball.

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$23.02 - $100.92
2 Reviews

Dynamax Medicine Ball 6 lbs

Dynamax medicine balls have been considered among the safest exercise balls available because of their quality leather construction and high degree of padding. Build Dynamic Strength with Dynamax Medicine Balls.

$80.00 - $165.00
3 Reviews

LifeFitness Medicine Ball 6 lbs

The incredibly durable LifeFitness Medicine Ball can be used to provide resistance for both static and dynamic exercises. The long-lasting textured surface makes it easy to hold, toss and catch.

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$34.95 - $71.95

CorBall Plus Medicine Ball 6 lbs

Improve fitness and strength with a CorBall Plus Medicine Ball from Power Systems.

$49.03 - $117.05
3 Reviews
Soft Touch Medicine Ball 6 lbs Sale

Soft Touch Medicine Ball 6 lbs

Add resistance and interest to your workouts with a soft medicine ball from Power Systems

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$9.93 - $16.44 $10.96 - $17.58
2 Reviews

Hammer Strength Medicine Ball 6 lbs

Great for adding resistance to almost any exercisers' training regimen.

$34.95 - $124.95

Elite Power Medicine Ball Prime 6 lbs

The Elite Power Medicine Ball Prime features a textured grip surface and provides a strong, quick rebound for speed and power training.

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$28.61 - $136.09
1 Review

XD Kevlar Medicine Ball 14" 6 lbs

Consistent 14in diameter regardless of weight. Part of the XD Kevlar line of products.

$96.81 - $151.81
4 Reviews

Wall Ball 6 lbs

…consistent form as you practice, with ten weight options from 6 to 30 lbs. Black. Racks available, for up to eight balls and for up to sixteen balls. Features: * One diameter helps with consistent form while training from lower to heavier balls * Soft, black vinyl shell with a moisture and scuff…

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$71.43 - $126.55

Slam Ball 6 lbs

…than most slam balls, this quality no-bounce, no-roll ball has been specifically designed for high-impact throwing and slamming training exercises. Uniform gray with bright white numerals and logo and a textured surface for better gripping. Eight weights, from 4 to 30 lbs. Features: * Quality,…

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$43.71 - $90.73
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Power Rope Ball 6 lbs Sale

Power Rope Ball 6 lbs

Develop your rotational strength and overall power with the Power Rope Ball from Power Systems.

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$31.66 - $123.63 $52.77 - $153.17
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Premium Slam Ball 6 lbs Sale

Premium Slam Ball 6 lbs

The Premium Slam Ball from Power Systems is the perfect choice for your plyometrics workout.

$23.84 - $33.53 $38.39 - $55.88
1 Review

Wall Ball 14" 6 lbs

…Spartan Wall Balls are designed to maximize performance. The durable vinyl shell and internally reinforced design ensure this ball can withstand the toughest of exercise programs and still maintain the shape. Standard 14” diameter for consistent form. Ten weight options, from 6 to 30 lbs. Features:…

$76.72 - $135.93

Premium Slam Ball Prime 6 lbs

The Premium Slam Ball Prime has a fresh new look, completely rubberized no-bounce slam ball.

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$40.69 - $84.47
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Med Ball Tree Kit 5 Basic Balls - 4,6,8,10,12 lbs

Store up to 5 medicine balls conveniently and attractively with a Power Systems medicine ball tree kit.

$302.13 - $511.69
1 Review